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On the Americans with Disabilities Act at 25: Betsy Beaumon’s Op-Ed

2015 July 31

Twenty-five years ago, on July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal opportunity to participate in the mainstream of American life. As we celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the ADA, writes Benetech President, Betsy Beaumon, it is imperative to consider not only how far we have come in eliminating discrimination against people with disabilities, but also how to extend the ADA promise to a new generation of Americans, particularly in the education field.

In her op-ed, Beaumon argues that the digital revolution could usher in a golden age of equality and improved Americans with Disabilities Act 25 anniversary logoeducational opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities, but that in order to make inclusive education a reality, students with disabilities must be considered in the design requirements of any new education technology.

Thanks to rapid technological progress and to legislation like the ADA, notes Beaumon, who is an authority on digital accessible materials in education, it is now possible to have books and curricula that are “born digital” also “born accessible” for all learners, as an integral part of the development or publishing process. “The 25th anniversary of the ADA,” she claims, “is a reminder that, at their best, policy and legislation support technological advances as well as benefits to society. We now need such balanced laws more than ever in order to stay committed to core principles of inclusion in the midst of massive technological change.”

Read Betsy Beaumon’s complete op-ed on the Benetech website.

Check Out Our Latest Video Tutorials and Book-Finding Tips

2015 July 30

Get the Edge: Monthly Training and Support Solutions

Need help using Bookshare? Check out our latest Learn it Now tutorials and How-To Guides in the Bookshare AcademyTitle screen of TeacherTube Learn it Now video tutorialLearn it Now tutorials are two-to-three-minute videos that will help members get the most out of Bookshare. We are pleased to present our newest titles:

Another useful resource in the Bookshare Academy is our How-To Guides. These guides provide step-by-step instructions along with screenshots to help guide members through a variety of key Bookshare processes. If you are an educator, we encourage you to share these guides with your colleagues, students, and parents.

New Categories Enable Enhanced Browsing Capability

Browsing by category can help you find recently-added books in subjects you love. We added sixteen new categories including Music, Psychology, and Politics and Government. For example, mystery lovers can go to the Advanced Search page and click on the category Mystery and Thrillers. When the results come back, click twice on “Date Added” to get the most recent books at the top.

50 subject categoriesThanks to improvements in indexing, it is now easier than ever to search for and find books in 50 categories – from Animals to Westerns. Every day, new content is being added in most categories. We are excited to report that the Bookshare library now boasts over 350,000 titles, and 99% of them are indexed by category.

The Bookshare Team is constantly striving to improve the user experience. Please let us know more about how you search for books, and how you’d like to search for books, by submitting your suggestions to the Bookshare Product Ideas Forum.

This post was authored by Lara Rondberg, a Bookshare Training Coordinator who supports Benetech’s Global Literacy program. To inquire about training resources, please contact

75 Reasons to Love Bookshare

2015 July 20
by Bookshare Communications

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the National Federation of the Blind

National Federation of the Blind logoEarlier this month, members of the Bookshare team traveled to Orlando, Florida, to attend the 2015 Annual Convention of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). Founded in 1940, the Federation is the largest organization of blind and low-vision people in the United States with over fifty-thousand members. Thousands of members and supporters celebrated the NFB’s 75th anniversary and are a living testament to the NFB’s motto: You can live the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back.

The Bookshare team was excited to have the opportunity to talk to attendees in the exhibit hall, meet with industry leaders, and participate in seminars. In the spirit of the 75th anniversary, the Bookshare team conducted an informal survey and asked Bookshare members to contribute “75 Reasons to Love Bookshare.”

Bookshare members have spoken! Here is a sample of some of the seventy-five reasons:

“I love Bookshare because…

…having access to new releases right away is amazing.”Bookshare logo inside a heart

…it helps me feed my book addiction (inexpensively).”

…I can pick any book I want and read it quickly.”

…it makes my PhD possible.”

…I eat books for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!”

…It helps me to write PHP after downloading all kinds of computer science books.”

…it’s an easy way to get what I need in a format I need it.”

…one of my top goals in life is to read at the same time as my sighted friends, and Bookshare will help me accomplish that.”

…it feeds me with everything I need.”

…it’s a jackpot of information for blind people. I felt like I won the jackpot when I joined!”

…it allowed me to help plan our trip to France.”

…it has such an extensive library, they get the books out quickly, and they work on the iPhone.”

…it is helping me succeed in the computer science program at my university.”

…for a long time I said, ‘I don’t want to pay the $50.’ But it is so worth it. I’m in book heaven! Where else can you get 347,000 titles?”

…Read2Go from Bookshare helps me follow along with my classmates both visually and auditorily and I like that.”

As you can see, Bookshare means many things to many people. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their feedback. We are thrilled that Bookshare is helping blind and low vision members “live the life they want.”

Can Bookshare help you? A special promotion for NFB conference attendees is still available. Get 50% off a Bookshare membership for anyone renewing or joining Bookshare. Send an e-mail to

“Go Set a Watchman” Makes Literary History

2015 July 14

Literary history is being made today with the publication of Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. This much anticipated novel, written in 1957 before To Kill a Mockingbird, was believed to be lost for over 50 years. Lucky for Harper Lee fans all over the world, Go Set a Watchman is available in bookstores today.

Go Set a Watchman and To Kill a Mockingbird book coversAnd even luckier for people who cannot read traditional books due to blindness, low vision, physical and learning disabilities, Go Set a Watchman is available on Bookshare, the world’s largest accessible online library, at the same time.  With Bookshare, readers can listen to Go Set a Watchman, read in braille or large print, and more. Now people with print disabilities can enjoy this historic release the same day as everyone else and join the conversation.

HarperCollins is printing two million copies for this blockbuster literary event. Go Set a Watchman is the most pre-ordered book HarperCollins has ever published, and the novel is already the #1 bestseller on Amazon. According to the publisher, Go Set a Watchman is “a wonderful new novel from one of America’s bestselling authors. Exploring the tensions between a local culture and a changing national political agenda; family arguments and love: an instant classic.”

Go Set a Watchman takes place 20 years after the events in To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout, who now lives in New York, travels back to Maycomb, Alabama, to visit her father Atticus. Will it be an instant classic and national treasure like To Kill a Mockingbird which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1961, sold over 30 million copies, and was translated into 40 languages?

If you’ve never read To Kill a Mockingbird, or you read it in school many years ago and don’t remember it, you might consider doing a Harper Lee marathon and read both novels. Which book will you like the best? Will Go Set a Watchman live up to the hype? Will it be as big or bigger than To Kill a Mockingbird? How will Scout and Atticus have evolved as characters?

There’s only one way to find out. Read it and be a part of lively discussions with friends and the Bookshare community. We invite you to share your comments as part of the Summer Reading Challenge on Facebook, Twitter using the #TurnUp4Books hashtag, or the form on the Bookshare website. And if you’re not yet a member of Bookshare, learn how to join so you can read Go Set a Watchman, as well as over 345,000 other titles.

Summer reading just got a lot hotter!

Bookshare a Notable Advantage for People With Visual Impairments, says The New York Times

2015 July 10
by Bookshare Communications

This post originally appeared in Benetech’s Blog on July 6, 2015

For people who cannot use standard print, the increasing availability of digital books and services such as Benetech’s Bookshare library are a boon that is unlocking the world of reading, says The New York Times.

In a story titled “An App to Aid the Visually Impaired,” author Jonah Bromwich highlights Bookshare asThe New York Times logo a “notable advantage” of an app called Spotlight Text. This reading tool, explains Bromwich in App City, The New York Times’ biweekly column about influential mobile apps, is outfitted with adjustable scrolling text, adjustable font, sharp contrast, and text-to-speech features—all of which make reading accessible to individuals with visual impairments, including those who have a limited field of vision due to diseases such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. With accessible reading tools and ebooks at their fingertips, these people can once again enjoy reading and have equal opportunity to succeed at school and the workplace.

Spotlight Text was developed by New York-based ophthalmologist and retina surgeon Dr. Howard Kaplan. Bookshare, reports Bromwich, has formed a partnership with Dr. Kaplan and “its enormous library, with close to 350,000 titles, can be found within Spotlight Text by doing a simple search.” The combined price of Spotlight Text and the Bookshare membership “is nothing,” emphasizes Dr. Kaplan in the story, “compared to the medical devices usually recommended to those with impaired vision.”

You can read the full story on The New York Times’ website.

Improve Your Reading Fitness with the Summer Reading Challenge

2015 July 7

The Bookshare Summer Reading Challenge is sprinting into week 4! It’s never too late to jump right in and join the fun. Thanks to all of the members who have recommended their favorite books including these:

From Thom in Albuquerque, NM: Garlic and Sapphires. This is a great book about the food critic for the New York Times (Ruth Reichl) that is hilarious and funny. It tells of her bad chairs and her disguises in New York.

From @silly_singer in Pelham, NH: Been meaning 2 read Playing For Pizza by John Grisham 4 a while now. 2 read it now or wait 4 SportsandFitness?

From Candice: The Lake Eden Cookbook by Joanne Fluke. I love the main character and the situations she gets into. The recipes are also so very scrumptious that I want to try them all, but my waistline would not like it.

From Nesma: I recommend Closed for the Season. This book was very captivating and kept me interested. I love mystery books.

Sports & Fitness theme graphic with boy and images of a bike, soccer ball, and badminton birdieFor this week’s theme – Sports & Fitness – the Bookshare team The Busy Body Book book coverhas compiled a list of titles for armchair athletes and rookies alike. Are you interested in bicycles, baseball or basketball? Ever wondered what bowling has to do with cricket? Can you name the world’s greatest distance runners? (Hint: it’s the Tarahumara Indians of Copper Canyon, Mexico.) Do you want to learn ways to integrate fitness into a busy lifestyle?

Inverting the Pyramid book coverOr, for the World Cup fans who watched the thrilling victory by the U.S. Women’s soccer team, you might enjoy Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics by Jonathan Wilson.

Whether you consider yourself a rookie, coach, weekend warrior, armchair quarterback, or something in between, the Bookshare library has over 7,000 books about sports. We encourage you to work up a sweat and strive for a personal best in the summer reading Olympics.


On your mark, get set, go: Turn It Up & Tell the World!

  • Sign up for Summer Reading Challenge weekly e-mail announcements
  • Share your favorite books on Facebook, Twitter using the #TurnUp4Books hashtag, or the form on the Bookshare website


Counting the Reasons to Celebrate in July

2015 July 3
by Bookshare Communications

Bang the drum! Toot the horn! Throw the confetti! July is a momentous time to celebrate, and we hope you’ll join us in this month-long party.

ADA 25th anniversary graphicHappy 25th anniversary to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). On July 26, 1990, the ADA was signed into law to ensure the civil rights of people with disabilities. This legislation established a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities. The ADA has expanded opportunities for Americans with disabilities by reducing barriers and changing perceptions, and increasing full participation in community life. Through its global literacy initiatives like Bookshare and DIAGRAM, Benetech demonstrates its commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities.

Happy 75th anniversary to the National Federation of the Blind, the largest organization of blind and National Federation of the Blind logolow-vision people in the United States. Founded in 1940, the Federation has grown to over fifty-thousand members, with affiliates and local chapters in every state. The NFB strives to raise the expectations of blind people so they can live the life they want.

The 2015 NFB National Convention takes place July 5-10 in Orlando, Florida. Will you be there to help break the Guinness World Record for the largest umbrella mosaic? The Bookshare team will be at tabletop #C16 in the exhibit hall. Stop by, say hello, and get your Bookshare questions answered.

American Council of the Blind logoPerhaps you will be attending the 2015 American Council of the Blind Conference and Convention from July 3-11 in Dallas, Texas. At the heart of the philosophy of the American Council of the Blind (ACB) is the belief that we must accept people who are blind where they are and value each and every person for their individual accomplishments. Benetech is participating in the Office Hours event on July 7 from 5:45-7:00 pm in Cityview 8. Please visit us – we love to meet members in person.

Bookshare is offering a special promotion for NFB and ACB conference attendees. Get 50% off a Bookshare membership for anyone renewing or joining Bookshare. Find us in the exhibit areas to get a promo code. You can either sign up on site with a staff member or send an e-mail to to apply the code.

And since our plate isn’t full enough, the Bookshare team will be exhibiting at the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) Conference on July 13-18 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The theme is Association on Higher Education and Disability logo“Diverse Perspectives: Creating a Vision for the Future.” AHEAD is the premier professional association committed to full participation of persons with disabilities in postsecondary education. If you are attending this conference, please visit us in booth #23.

Bookshare salutes and supports these important organizations that ensure equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities. As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, to Bookshare it means more than just our national holiday; it symbolizes our mission to leverage technology to help individuals with disabilities gain personal independence. We measure success by the number of lives changed for the better. More than 320,000 people in nearly 50 countries have access to Bookshare’s collection of over 340,000 titles. More than 500 U.S. and international publishers contribute to our social mission by donating their digital files, making it possible for Bookshare to serve users around the world and ensuring that content is available to people with print disabilities at the same time as their peers. Let’s run all of these accomplishments up the flagpole and let the celebration begin.

Cooking Up Some Good Reads in the Summer Reading Challenge

2015 June 26

The Bookshare Summer Reading Challenge is off and running! You are welcome to join the fun any time. Just find a book (or three), read, and share your favorites with the Bookshare community. Here is some of the buzz on Twitter using the challenge hashtag, #TurnUp4Books:

From @MSPruske in Los Angeles: How to choose btwn 2 Jacks (Kerouac/London) for Wk 1 of @Bookshare Summer Reading Challenge (Travel & Outdoors)?? Pick both. #TurnUp4Books

From @silly_singer in Pelham, NH: With a little motivation from @Bookshare I have finally gotten around to reading “My Path Leads to Tibet”

From @NightingaleOG: Since returning home from college ive read #GirlWithTheDragonTattoo #WaterForElephants & #FeverTree and I hvnt regretted 1min #TurnUp4Books

From @candimom2 in western NY: I recommend How High Can We Climb?: The Story of Women Explorers by Jeannine Atkins first read for #TurnUp4Books

Graphic of girl with megaphone looking at pizza, sushi and a chef's hatLooking ahead to next week’s theme – Food & Cooking – the Bookshare team has compiled a list of titles to give you some food for thought – literally. For kids in grades 3-7 who want to go on a culinary adventure, check out the National Geographic Kids Cookbook by Barton Seaver. Barton provides mouthwatering recipes, National Geographic Kids Cookbook coverthe ins and outs of healthy eating, crafts and activities, and food-focused challenges, proving once and for all that cooking can be a blast.

Or, if “can’t cook” describes you better than “can cook,” you might find the Can't Cook book coverantidote to your kitchen phobia in the The Can’t Cook Book: 100+ Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified by Jessica Seinfeld. If you find cooking scary or stressful or just boring, Jessica has a calm, confidence-building approach to cooking, even for those who’ve never followed a recipe or used an oven.

And finally, if you are someone who prefers to read about food that other people cook rather than slaving over a hot stove yourself, you might enjoy Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant, a collection of mouth-watering essays by notable writers such as MFK Fisher and Nora Ephron.

Whether you consider yourself a hardcore foodie, top chef, iron chef, gourmand, grill master, omnivore, Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant book coveror something in between, the Bookshare library has over 4,500 books about food, cooking and wine. Browse for a book that will tickle your taste buds or find other topics that will whet your appetite for reading.

Don’t forget to Turn It Up & Tell the World!

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  • Share your favorite books on Facebook, Twitter using the #TurnUp4Books hashtag, or use the form on the Bookshare website

Bon appétit!

Celebrating Fathers in Life and Literature

2015 June 19

Did you know that Father’s Day started in 1910 in Spokane, Washington, but didn’t become an official holiday until 1972? Whatever the reason, let’s give Dad his due, whether we are talking about biological dads, stepdads, granddads, foster dads, honorary dads, or any special dad in your life.

To-Kill-a-Mockingbird-Harper-Lee-HarperCollinsFabulous fathers can be found throughout literature including Atticus Finch in To
Kill a Mockingbird
; Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter series; Hans Hubermann in The Book Thief; Jean Valjean in Les Miserables; Charles Ingalls in the Little House series; Otto Frank in Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl; and Bob Cratchit in A book thief coverChristmas Carol. Browse the Bookshare library to find these favorites and many more.

And let’s not forget nature’s best dads in the animal kingdom who take their parenting role very seriously. Learn more about Emperor penguins, seahorses, frogs and toads, wolves, and marmosets in this intriguing book: Animal Dads by Sneed B. Collard III.

animal dads coverDad's Book of Awesome Projects cover

If DIY appeals to you, grab your favorite dad and tackle a project together. Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects by Mike Adamick has more than twenty-five unique and simple projects you can create with materials you probably already have at home. You can make superhero capes for Super Dad and Super Kid or even circus stilts or a rope swing. Your summer’s fun factor is officially heating up.

As Father’s Day approaches, the Bookshare team would like to recognize all the dads who advocate for the Bookshare members in their lives. Andrew Cooper, father of Ben Cooper who has dyslexia, shares how his family uses resources such as Bookshare and the National Center for Learning Disabilities to help Ben succeed.

Title screen for video about Ben Cooper, Bookshare member, and his parents

Still more ways to celebrate Father’s Day:

Turn It Up and Tell the World theme graphic with girl holding megaphone

Bookshare salutes fathers everywhere!

Bookshare Summer Reading Challenge Starts June 22 – Are You Ready?

2015 June 16

Summer is knocking on the door, and excitement is building for the Bookshare Summer Reading ChallengeTheme graphic showing boy with megaphone next to suitcase, compass and globe starting next Monday, June 22. Are you ready to turn it up and tell the world?

It’s fun and easy to participate – just search for books, read them, and share your favorites with the Bookshare community.  You’ll help members like you discover new books and get lots of praise and kudos from other readers.

If you don’t already have a list of books to brighten your summer, check out the staff picks. Each week of the challenge features a theme and suggested titles by age group to help you get started. The first theme is Travel & the Great Outdoors. Here are just a few books that might capture your imagination:

Book cover of Junie B First Grader Aloha-ha-ha!Book cover of Amy and Roger's Epic DetourBook cover of Wild Coast

Junie B., First Grader: Aloha-Ha-Ha! by Barbara Park (grades 1-4)

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson (grades 9-12)

Wild Coast: Travels on South America’s Untamed Edge by John Gimlette (adults)

Double the enjoyment of a good book by telling the world about what you read. Here are some ways to join the conversation:

  • Ask questions on Twitter during our office hours on Thursday, June 18 from 11am – 12pm Pacific. Tweet your questions to @Bookshare or follow along using the hashtag #TurnUp4Books.
  • Join a Bookshare and GreatSchools Twitter chat when we discuss how to keep summer reading skills sharp on Wednesday, June 24 from 9am – 10am Pacific. Follow @UnderstoodChat and the hashtag #ldchat for more information.
  • Count down to the start of the challenge with us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Sign up for weekly e-mail updates to stay informed

So grab your favorite reading device, find a comfortable spot, and dive in to a juicy book. Where will the books take you this summer?