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Photo Journal: U.S. Official Visits Benetech and High School/College Transition Program Using Bookshare

Michael Yudin, the Acting Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, visited our Benetech headquarters recently. He was on his way to observe a dual-enrollment transition program at Mission Middle College in Santa Clara.  This unique collaboration of Santa Clara Unified School District and Mission Middle College offers new opportunities for high school seniors who were not performing well academically to complete high school graduation courses and accumulate college credits.

Betsy Beaumon and Michael Yudin standing in a computer lab at Mission Middle College.
Betsy Beaumon and Michael Yudin standing in a computer lab at Mission Middle College.

At the technology demonstration, students, parents, and educators shared experiences with Mr. Yudin and Betsy Beaumon, our General Manager and VP.

Bookshare student members demonstrated their use of assistive technology and accessible eBooks. They talked about their challenges, achievements, and lifetime goals.   A bright future is now unfolding for these students—one that tells the story of  ‘engaged learners who are technology literate’.   They are motivated to learn with a personalized learning program and reading solutions that include the Bookshare online library.  Our staff was impressed by their knowledge and transformation.

Read more about the transition program and Secretary Yudin’s observations about his visit on his Department of Education blogEnjoy the photos!


A parent and son talk with Mr. Yudin (left).  At right, Betsy Beaumon and Caleb Richardson are seated at a table laughing.