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Special Education Teacher, Andrew Chalfin, and 34 Educators Champion a Mission—Access for All!

This Teacher Appreciation Month, we salute Andrew Chalfin, a special education teacher in East Rampo Central School District, NY. Mr. Chalfin wrote to us about the amazing educators in his district who now embrace Bookshare. They heard about the benefits the library can provide for students with print disabilities and wanted to be a part of the mission. With Mr. Chalfin’s support and hands-on professional development and training, 34 special education teachers in his district now effectively use the library to find the curricula and tools for students who qualify. “Not only is the Bookshare resource a time-saver (no more…

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Daisy Audio and MP3 Offer More Choices to Read on the Go!

Recently, an educator stopped by our conference booth with questions about our book formats and how to read books on the go.  The educator wasn’t familiar with our newer formats, Daisy Audio and MP3, so we thought this would be a great time to remind our members. Qualified Members can now choose from Daisy Text, Daisy Audio, Braille, or MP3 to read thousands of eBooks (185,000 and counting.) Just select a preference that’s right for you and you’re off reading Bookshare books at school, a library, a park, on the bus…you name the place and you can read there! Daisy…

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High School Students College-Bound Thanks to Assistive Technology Support and Accessible Books!

High school students with print disabilities are now college bound thanks to their educators and the use of accessible books and reading technologies.  In this blog, we share the story of Rushelle and Aaron, from the eyes of Victoria (Tori) Foreman, their Assistive Technology Specialist. Ms. Foreman is also a third year Bookshare Mentor Teacher. “Rushelle transferred to our school. She had dyslexia and read below grade level. When I met her, she was ready to bolt from her remedial classes. We signed her up for Bookshare, and I couldn’t believe how quickly her reading skills improved. The first time…

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Bookshare Webinars in April and May

During the next couple of months, we have several webinars to help you get your students prepared for summer reading, their transitions, and your fall planning. Register for the webinars that are of interest to you, and note that there are dates in April and May for each webinar. If you can’t attend, but are interested in the content, please go ahead and register anyway. You will be sent a link to the recording after the webinar. Google Education on AIR – Tips for Using Bookshare’s Web Reader with Chrome (a 45-minute hangout) Date: Weds, May 8, 2013 Time: 4:00…

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More Training Opportunities for Bookshare Web Reader and Bookshelf!

In case you were unable to attend the February webinars about the new Bookshare Web Reader and Bookshelf, we have several more scheduled in March. If the date and times don’t work for you, sign up anyway and you will be sent a link to the recording after the webinar is over. Learn more about Bookshelf and the Bookshare Web Reader Wednesday, March 6, 2013 4:00 PM ET, (3:00 PM CT, 2:00 PM MT, 1:00 PM PT) Register Here OR Thursday, March 14, 2013 3:30 PM ET (2:30 PM CT, 1:30 PM MT, 12:30 PM PT) Register Here Reading Choices:…

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Plan Your CSUN Schedule

Are you going to CSUN? Look for our booth, #712, in the conventional hall and stop by for a demo and training on the new tools, Bookshare Web Reader and Bookshelf. Here’s quick look at all the Bookshare presentations, trainings, and events. Mark your calendars with items of  interest. Event Day Time Location Presenter Latest Developments in Math Accessibility Fri 8:00 am Ford C, 3rd floor Anh Bui Born Accessible: Inclusive Publishing Thur 1:50 pm Ford C, 3rd floor Betsy Beaumon Reading Technology: What Works? Thur 9:20 am Ford C, 3rd floor Kristina Cohen and guest teacher from SDUSD Making…

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First Reactions: Educators and Members Talk about the Bookshelf and Web Reader

You probably saw that Bookshare just released two new pieces of functionality, the Bookshelf and Web Reader. If you haven’t heard the news, our website has lots of information, including links to training, videos, and webinars. You can also read the announcement. Both tools are going to make it quicker and easier to get books to Bookshare students, saving time and effort. The Bookshelf will help individual members organize their books. Several educators and members have already tested and used the tools and have agreed to share their feedback. We encourage you to try the tools too! Here’s what they…


The Year That Was and the New Year Ahead

2012 was a year of titanic shifts in the fields of consumer technology, education, and publishing, along with the requisite challenges brought about by such rapid change. At Benetech, where innovation is the engine behind our mission, we did our best to make the most of it and help lead the charge into the future. Bookshare and our other Access to Literacy initiatives, including the DIAGRAM Center and Route 66 Literacy, all made big strides this year through the significant dedication of the community that makes it all happen. We celebrated the tenth anniversary of Bookshare—both online and with in…

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Learn to Use New Bookshare Features

The word is getting out; you may have heard. Bookshare is planning an announcement that is going to make it quicker and easier to use! Want to attend one of the webinars about how to use the new tools? Sign up and mark your calendars today! Date: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 Time: 3:00 PM EDT, 2:00 PM CDT, 1:00 PM MDT, 12:00 PM PDT Register Here. Date: Thurs, Feb 21, 2013 Time: 4:30 PM EDT, 3:30 PM CDT, 2:30 PM MDT, 1:30 PM PDT Register Here. Space is limited.


Personnel Development on Assistive Technology and Digital Books

Do you teach future classroom teachers, existing teachers, or other professionals who want to know more about assistive technology and digital books? Teachers, counselors, and other professionals who work in special education and rehabilitation need to know about all available resources to find the right resource for each student. For example, these specialized teachers and professionals need to know that students with print disabilities benefit when they have access to assistive technology and books in alternate formats. They need to know how to use these resources in the classroom. To help provide a single source of instructional materials about assistive…