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Category: Bookshare Success Stories

Redwood Literacy Unlocks the Power of Bookshare

In an interview with the Redwood Literacy staff, Benetech asked a number of questions regarding digital literacy. Below are their answers with an overview of how the organization uses Bookshare to improve literacy among students. Redwood Literacy is an organization committed to offering top-notch literacy remediation to any student who needs it, regardless of how much money they have or where they live in the world. They offer a variety of in-person services in Chicago as well as virtual services both nationally and internationally. Redwood believes that the pathway towards literacy access includes both remediation and accommodation. We use the analogy…

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Bookshare Opens a World of Possibilities for Jared

Jared is a high-school senior in Southern California with a joyful personality and eagerness to evoke change for students like himself. He is the subject of Benetech’s latest student spotlight. Despite being quadriplegic with low vision and battling stage 2 spastic cerebral palsy, Jared continues to be an independent beacon of light in his community. Jared is a long-time Bookshare user and expert, who participates in the Bookshare Student Roundtables, which give students a chance to share insights on their educational experiences, provide feedback on their Bookshare usage, and learn from peers with similar reading challenges. After graduation, Jared plans…

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Bookshare’s Secret Weapon for Equity & Accessibility in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Benetech and Bookshare presents, Sarah Caswell, Benetech’s Outreach Coordinator based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Learn about Sarah, and the wonderful work she is doing to further equity in education.


Reading Superheroes Save the Day at Maybury Elementary

Gwendolyn Carter, Resource Teacher at Maybury Elementary School in Detroit, uses her superpowers – instruction, Bookshare ebooks, and assistive technology – to help her students close reading gaps. Learn how one of her students, Jose, uses word highlighting with text-to-speech audio to help him decode and increase fluency and comprehension. This support helps him read the superhero books that his friends read.

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Raven Riley Dreams Big 

Raven Riley, Bookshare member from northern California, is excited to start college and embark on a career in biopsychology. With help from disability resources for her visual impairment and self-advocacy skills she has honed over the years, she is confident that she can achieve her dreams. In this blog she shares her academic goals, how she uses Bookshare and assistive technology to read and learn, and her favorite video games.