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Book Formats for Everyone!

Options are good, and Bookshare offers more choices in the form of books, reading tools, and now book formats. Bookshare wants to help its members read how and what they want to read. Over this past year, Bookshare added new download options to our existing book formats—DAISY Text and BRF (Braille Ready Format). Continue to use these formats with your existing assistive technologies; however, if you are looking for a different reading experience, you may want to try one of the new formats. The new book formats, DAISY Audio and MP3, provide more options in terms of technology and the…

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New Deaf and Deaf-Blindness Special Collection

We are proud to announce that Bookshare has a new Special Collection on Deaf and Deaf-Blindness. Now, rather than doing a subject search, books on these subjects can be found in one place. (If this link doesn’t work for you, go to the Bookshare homepage and choose “and more…” under the Browse Booklist link, where you’ll find our full list of Special Collections.) The current 200+ books gathered into one easy-to-locate group are categorized by topic: Culture, Biography/Autobiography, Sign Language/Training, Other Nonfiction, and Fiction. (Please note—while all fictional books have deaf characters, some are very minor or poorly portrayed.) Books…

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This Fall, Think about Students Who Would Qualify for Bookshare

A guest post by Stephanie Caceres, AT Specialist and Special Education Teacher, Maryland I’m a Special Education Teacher in Worcester County, Maryland, and I’m always on the lookout for new tools that will benefit students with learning disabilities. Recently, I had an 8th grader who is intelligent and quite verbal, and now attends the Alternative Education Program at our school due to failing grades and behavior issues.  This young man was frequently suspended for acting out in class. Why?  Because he couldn’t keep up with his reading assignments; since he couldn’t talk about a book, he made trouble for teachers…

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Non-English Accents in Braille

A guest post from a member of the Bookshare Collection Development team and a Bookshare Member, Liz Halperin. Ever wonder how braille handles non-English accent marks? Things like umlauts or tildes or other accent marks from Spanish, French, German, Danish, Polish, and so on? Remember, in braille, everything happens with just 6 dots (or 8 dots for digital or computer braille) in a group. (See other resources about basic braille structure of dots and cells, uncontracted and contracted braille, etc.)  So how can braille indicate there is an accent mark over the e in the French word café or the…

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