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Tag: Accessible educational materials (AEM)

What’s Cool for School this Fall? 

The Bookshare community is filled with expert educators, accessibility specialists, and student advocates. We recently connected with several members who shared valuable ideas and insights for teachers and parents as the new school year gets started. Enjoy this round-up of assistive technology tips, free tools for struggling readers and writers, navigating mental health, AEM, and UDL.

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Chromebook Accessibility Hack of the Week: Bookshare Web Reader + Read and Write for Google

By guest author Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles, PhD, ATP What a great fortune it is to work in an environment where every student is issued a Chromebook in grades 1-8. This is a HUGE game changer in the delivery of AT. In working with students who require AEM (Accessible Educational Materials), we use Bookshare, a free service that provides hundreds of thousands of print materials to qualifying individuals. Bookshare suggests many reading tools  that have been selected by users. On the Chromebook side, we have been using the Bookshare Web Reader, which is integrated into Chrome. However, for some of the students I work…


Bookshare By the Numbers

It was just about a year ago that the Benetech team celebrated 10 million books delivered through our Bookshare library. Shortly thereafter, we celebrated another amazing milestone: access to 500,000 books for Bookshare members. Those milestones speak to Benetech’s ability to use software to tackle social issues—in Bookshare’s case, access to books and information for people with disabilities—and to deliver impact at scale. But those numbers are just part of the Bookshare story. Here are a handful of additional stats to give you a more complete picture of Bookshare’s scale, impact, and reach. (Don’t forget, Bookshare is free for all…

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