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Best Practice from a Bookshare Mentor Teacher — Train Teachers and Students Together!

Lisa Gutheil, a teacher of the visually impaired and early intervention specialist, encourages teachers and students to participate in her Bookshare training sessions together.  Why does her dual-training model work so well? “Because kids get the technology!” says Lisa. Co-training may not surprise you, but what will is that Lisa trains younger students, as early as third grade, to use Bookshare and its technology tools. “If you want to ensure lifelong learning then give students resources and tools as early as possible so they don’t fall behind,” she says.  This busy Bookshare Mentor now calls New York her home after…

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Get Ready for Back-to-School with Bookshare!

Back to School is a time for teachers, parents, and students of all ages to brush off the summer dust and get ready for a brand new school year. How can you be sure that you are ready to make this year a success on day one? By making sure you are prepared with the books, tools, and information that you or your students need before class begins. That way, you can spend more time focusing on teaching and learning and less time getting ready. Bookshare can help! Throughout the fall, we’ll provide you with step-by-step information to set up…

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