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Launch into Learning: Honors Student with Dyslexia Relies on Digital Tools for School Success

Ella, a high school junior with dyslexia, teams up with special educators to get the most effective accommodations for reading including Bookshare and other digital tools. “Reading with your ears or any sort of accommodation is still reading and it counts,” explains Ella. “Any way you can access a book is worthwhile. I love to read! Once you find the tools that work for you, it’s so much easier.”


Brave Means Learning How To Defy The Odds

Our son, Rosdom, is very smart and brave. We recognized these characteristics early in his childhood, but we also saw some unusual behavior that held clues that he would not grow up as a typical child. In preschool, specialists told us that Rosdom would not be able to read, write, or function socially. This information led to many exhausting nights and conversations with teachers, researchers, scientists, and parents who live with similar circumstances. We worried about his education and future. We explored learning environments, resources, and strategies to support children with multiple disabilities. We found Bookshare and assistive technologies. Accessible…

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Can Accessible Ebooks Be the Pathway to Reading Comprehension and Summer Fun?

Parents of children with disabilities often ask Linda Sherouse, a Library Media Specialist at North Hampton School in New Hampshire, how can I encourage more quiet time for my child who has a disability?” Linda’s reply is to find a good book and consider resources, like Bookshare, the world’s largest online library of accessible ebooks for people with print disabilities. “Over the years, I’ve helped many kids love to read voraciously and on their own,” says Linda. Bookshare – A Viable Reading Resource As an avid proponent of accessible books, Linda provides reading support for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. She…

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