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Yes, Bookshare DOES Have Many of the Textbooks Your Students Need!

Many people view Bookshare’s large collection of ebooks primarily as a source of classroom reading or pleasure reading books, but did you know that the library also has over 25,000 textbooks? Learn more about the kinds of textbooks available from Bookshare and how to access them.

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Monthly Support Tip: How to Get NIMAC Textbooks for Students with IEPs

As one of your trusty support specialists, I often receive calls from teachers asking how students with Individual Memberships and IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) can access textbooks, particularly those from the NIMAC repository. I tell them that this can easily be done with Reading Lists! Reading Lists are virtual bookshelves that let teachers and members save books for future reading. Teachers can create Reading Lists with assigned reading, including NIMAC-sourced textbooks for students with IEPs, and share them with students linked with their organization. (Note: Students must have an Individual Membership to access shared Reading Lists.) To read the books,…

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