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Bookshare Supports Librarian’s Goal for Inclusive Library Service

Many thanks to Kate Owen at Thetford Academy for sharing her advocacy of Bookshare and for training more teachers to be proponents of accessible ebooks. Kate’s Vision As an educator and librarian, I have always worked to build an inclusive library service to meet the needs of all learners. This year, over one-third of our students are eligible for extra services according to their IEP or 504 plans. Many of these students qualify for Bookshare. The online accessible library has become an integral part of building an inclusive library to accomplish my goal. Not So Long Ago… When I first…

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Bookshare’s Collection Development Manager Started a Love Affair with Books at a Tender Age

Guest post by Carol James, Bookshare Collection Development Manager When I was a little girl, I would toddle into my parents’ bedroom many mornings. I’d pull books out of their case and pretend to read them. When I was done (so I’m told), I would carefully consider where they should go as I put them back on the shelf. I can’t remember what I was thinking – but even then, I knew each book had a “right place”! Looking back on a lifetime working in libraries, I guess I’m still doing the same thing – but on a different scale, with…

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