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Let’s Talk!

What’s better than a good Bookshare book? The three new ways you can communicate with Bookshare.

1.      The all-new Bookshare Blog! It’s going to be Bookshare’s Greatest Hits. You, our Members, schools, volunteers, partners, publishers and students, have so many interesting stories and we want to tell them. This blog will become your space and our space for news, information, thoughts and stories.  Please subscribe to it so you can read the blog posts that are most interesting to you. And please do leave a comment when you visit!

2.      Ideas? This new forum, accessed from a new link on all pages, is for you to comment on product ideas under development and submit great product ideas about Bookshare and accessible books.  With specific questions about membership, technical support and other topics, you’ll continue to use Contact Us.  The forum will be monitored by the Literacy Product Manager and visible to everyone who visits.

3.      Answers to your top questions. To make it easier to find answers to your top questions, we’ve organized them in a few categories and added links to the questions at the top of the Contact Us page. Our frequently asked questions pages also have many answers.

Take a moment, look around Bookshare, find something new, come up with an idea, and then, “let’s talk.” We want to hear from you.

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