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On the Road…with Bookshare’s Summer Reading Contest!

Wow! Bookshare’s Summer Road Trip Reading Contest is off to a great start!

In just four weeks, over 300 students have signed up and submitted more than 150 book text messages.

Way to go Road Trippers!
Contestants are sharing lots of fun and interesting messages about the books they are reading in Bookshare and about U.S. States. You can still sign up for the contest! Here are some of our favorite messages:

• I learned that Helen Keller was blind and deaf and still talked to people. She had a harder time than I do. I’m glad I use a cane. (Book: Helen Keller, State visited: Alabama)
• I loved this book. It talks about a burro. I learned that if you’re nice to an animal, he will be loyal. (Book: Brighty of the Grand Canyon, State visited: Arizona)

• Fudge is an annoying little brother and is in love with Sheila. I thought it was cool that Grandma and Buzzy senior got married. I enjoyed this book! (Book: Fudge-A-Mania, State visited: Maine)

• I learned about how strong brown bears are. I learned about what brown bears eat and like to do. I learned about the weather in Alaska. I learned about what the fisherman do in Alaska. (Book: Gentle Ben, State visited: Alaska)

• To be an eight-year-old in a big city can be ONE BIG ADVENTURE and there is no way to avoid mishaps along the way. (Book: The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein, State visited: New York)

Bookshare members who are students in grades K-12 can go on a “virtual road trip” across the United States and its territories. Students visit places by reading books about states and sharing their thoughts about the book with a text in 160 words or less. The contest runs until August 15th, 2010, and the top readers will win cool prizes like Ipod Nanos, Victor Reader Streams, and more!

If you have not yet signed up for the contest, there’s still time to participate.

If you aren’t an individual member of Bookshare…sign up today!

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