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Postsecondary Students Benefit from Individual Memberships

A University of Michigan – Flint student, with an individual membership says “Bookshare Rocks!”

Ashley Seymour, a college junior majoring in health care at the University of Michigan-Flint, has been blind since birth.  She says, “Bookshare is expanding fast!  It’s easy for me to get my books from one source.  I don’t have to wait.  I just download my books, convert to MP3 files for my iPod, and go to class.”

Picture of Ashley Seymour
Picture of Ashley Seymour

Ashley has found books and background information in communications, ethics, literature, psychology and medical sciences. She uses Bookshare to find material for reports, study biographies and locate accessible titles from Shakespeare to computer technology.  Now in her 3rd year, Ashley has downloaded medical diagnostic books, health-related books, classic literature, quick guides on medical terminology and even some NY Times best-sellers in her spare time. Ashley also has a summer job working at a Low Incidence Outreach program.

Bookshare encourages students of all ages to have their own individual Bookshare memberships.  With individual memberships, students can independently download books anywhere and anytime.  This makes real-time access easy and efficient, eliminates wait-time and takes the pressure off of DSS offices to locate and request required books. More and more students are finding the books they need for classes and pleasure reading in Bookshare.

Here are a few recent titles:

THE DAY FREEDOM DIED: THE COLFAX MASSACRE, THE SUPREME COURT, AND THE BETRAYAL OF RECONSTRUCTION by Charles Lane. Following the Civil War, Colfax, Louisiana, was a town like many where African Americans and whites mingled uneasily. On April 13, 1873, a small army of white ex-Confederate soldiers, enraged after attempts by freedmen to assert their new rights, killed more than sixty African Americans who had occupied a courthouse. Excellent Quality, Copyright 2008. Bookshare

THE ANATOMY OF EXERCISE AND MOVEMENT: FOR THE STUDY OF DANCE, PILATES, SPORT AND YOGA by Jo Staugaard-Jones. This book serves as a bridge between biomechanics and the practice of sport, Pilates, yoga, and dance, providing the reader with a complete understanding of how the body functions while exercising. Excellent Quality, Copyright 2010. Bookshare

MAKING SOCIAL SCIENCE MATTER: WHY SOCIAL INQUIRY FAILS AND HOW IT CAN SUCCEED AGAIN by Steven Sampson and Bent Flyvbjerg. This book presents an exciting new approach to the social and behavioral sciences including theoretical argument, methodological guidelines, and examples of practical application. Excellent Quality, Copyright 2001. Bookshare

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