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Requests Turn into Timely Access for Many Students

Last spring, we suggested that you might want to “spring into action for fall satisfaction” and send us book requests, NIMAC conversion requests, and even physical books to convert. And you did spring into action! Hundreds of requests and books arrived. Besides textbooks, an educator in

a collection of about 15 books about the state of NH
One educator from New Hampshire sent a collection of books about the state.

New Hampshire sent a collection of books about the state for student research and reports.

We got a batch of leveled readers, which are always in demand.

Over the summer, we processed hundreds of books. Volunteers, partners, and the Bookshare staff worked very hard to chop, scan, and proofread the books you sent, to download them from the NIMAC, and to purchase them when necessary. This fall, many hundreds of students with print disabilities have timely access to their textbooks and a school satisfaction they have never had before.

We haven’t finished processing the requests – you can see the pile of books waiting next to the chopper and on the bookshelf – but fall

isn’t over yet! If you have students who need digital accessible books from Bookshare, you can request them now and still experience the satisfaction of giving your students a digital accessible book.

Same textbooks on their way to the chopper.
Textbooks on their way to the chopper.

Send requests for NIMAC conversions; send requests for textbooks or the books themselves. Send leveled readers as they are hard to find, and send state collections for students learning about their home states. Help students with print disabilities achieve school satisfaction.


1. First, please search Bookshare by ISBN, and then search using other criteria, as Bookshare may have a suitable textbook that has the same name but a different ISBN. If you find it, but can’t download it, please contact our membership team.

2. For NIMAC textbooks (many K-12 textbooks, but not all published after July 19, 2006), please look in Bookshare and the NIMAC* to see if the book is in either location. Then refer to the training tools on the training page including pre-recorded webinars about getting textbooks and a reference document called: Quick Guide to Requesting a NIMAC Textbook through Bookshare. To find out about the meaning and status of the “Authorized User” of the NIMAC designation for your state, jump to questions 7,8, and 9 on this page with NIMAC questions and answers.

a bookshelf with 4 shelves full of textbooks.
With hundreds of books already processed, more wait their turn.

3. For print textbooks not in the NIMAC, follow these instructions: Send a request to Bookshare’s collection development team. Please be sure to include the following information if you can:

  • Book Title
  • Author
  • ISBN number (this will speed things up a lot)
  • The reason you need the book
  • The grade you are currently teaching or attending in school or college.

If you decide to send a physical copy of the book, please let us know to expect it. Remember that we’ll chop the spine off so we can scan it. Let us know if you want the book back.

*To search the NIMAC go to, select “Enter NIMAC Repository,” then “Search the NIMAC.”

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