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Want to Make a Difference? Become a Bookshare Mentor and Make a Difference, One Teacher at a Time.

Teachers who are using Bookshare in the classroom tell us time and again that Bookshare makes it easier for their students to keep up with their peers, that their students are reading better, writing better, and are more actively participating in classroom discussions.

Would you like to see every qualified student in your school and district benefit from Bookshare? Sign up to be a Bookshare Mentor today and you can help make that happen!

Bookshare Mentors can significantly impact their schools just by teaching their fellow teachers how to use Bookshare with their qualified students.  If you have a Bookshare membership and you can spare a few hours to train your colleagues, this is a great opportunity for you! YOU can make a difference, one teacher at a time…

The Bookshare Mentors program is open to any K-12 educator interested in making a difference for their students with print disabilities. Sign up today and start making a difference!

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