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Act of Generosity Results in More Books and More Members!

A long standing fan of Bookshare, Carole Lake, has once again made a substantial $5,000.00 donation to be used to build Bookshare’s collection. Her generosity is multiplied by the many ways in which these funds are used for books that our Members want to read.

Last year, Carole’s donation went towards funding the purchase of books for two of our programs:

  • Bookshare’s Wish List. One longtime Bookshare volunteer, affectionately known as Grandma Cindy, maintains the Wish List of books that volunteers and members would like to see in the collection.
  • Volunteer Recognition Program. Each year Bookshare’s top volunteers are recognized and given the chance to select books they would like added to the collection. Sometimes they chose their favorites. Quite often they use their celebrity privilege to get a book that a member has requested into Bookshare.

This year Carole’s donation is being used to fund a books-and-membership drive by our volunteers.

  • From now until February 15, 2011 anyone with a print disability referred by a Bookshare volunteer is eligible for a month’s free Bookshare trial membership. Each month the volunteer who has recruited the most new Bookshare members will be able to select one or more books to add to the collection.
  • In preparation for this membership campaign, Bookshare volunteers compiled a list of books they felt would appeal to potential members.

The announcement of Bookshare’s top volunteers for 2010 goes out next month; Carole’s donation also makes it possible for books to be added in the winners’ names.

Bookshare thrives on the generosity of it volunteers and donors. Working together we maximize the value of each individual’s effort to make books accessible to people with print disabilities. Read more about how you can contribute to Bookshare and share the gift of reading with others.

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