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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated all around on March 17th, is an Irish holiday honoring Ireland’s patron saint of Ireland. We have very little factual information about him, and many tales made up by story tellers.

Many customs are associated with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. For example, why do we wear green and decorate with Shamrocks?

Bookshare has lots of books about St. Patrick’s Day! Below is a sampling of a few of the titles with short excerpts from the book synopsis. There’s something for every age.

Jeremy Bean’s St. Patrick’s Day by Alice Schertle. For very young children, this book describes a shy boy who forgets to wear green to school on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks by Mary Berendes. For young children, this book describes the tiny green plants known as shamrocks, the customs and origins of St. Patrick’s Day, and how the shamrock became the national symbol of Ireland.

A Fine St. Patrick’s Day by Susan Wojciechowski. For young children, a story about 2 towns competing in a St. Patrick’s Day decorating contest.

The St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Mystery by Marion M. Markham. An easy chapter book for children ready to solve their first mystery.

Shamrocks, Harps, and Shillelaghs: The Story of the St. Patrick’s Day Symbols by Edna Barth. This book explains the symbols and history behind St. Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick of Ireland by Philip Freeman. Ireland’s patron saint has long been shrouded in legend: he drove the snakes out of Ireland; he triumphed over Druids and their supernatural powers; he used a shamrock to explain the Christian mystery of the Trinity.

Tales of St. Patrick by Eileen Dunlop. An account of the life of Saint Patrick, first Bishop of Ireland, covering the time he was taken to Ireland as a slave when he was sixteen years old through his life-long efforts to Christianize the Irish, showing him as the human behind the legends.

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