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Win an iPad 2 in the “Bookshare Everywhere” Summer Contest!

Image of beach with Bookshare Everywhere Summer Contest written in sand

Tell us all the ways Bookshare made your summer fun!

One of the best things about Bookshare is that you can take it anywhere you want.  Whether you go on vacation, hang out at a local park, or curl up on a comfy chair at home, you can enjoy Bookshare books wherever you want.

This summer, don’t just have fun reading with Bookshare, enter the summer contest and you might win some totally awesome prizes, like an Apple iPad 2!

Who can play:

Contestants must be U.S. Individual Members of Bookshare in grades K-12 and college.  Don’t have an individual membership?  Parents or students 18 years old and above can sign up today; use promo code: contest!  Teachers, got students you want to help provide Individual Memberships?  Watch this 4-minute tutorial!

How to play:

  1. Enter the contest by completing the Contest Entry Form and guess how many books will be read during the contest by all contestants.
  2. From June 1 to August 19, 2011, download and read as many Bookshare books as you can.
  3. After reading a book, tell us how the book made your summer fun on the Book Entry Form.  Submit as many book entries as you want to increase your chances of winning!

How to win:

 GRAND PRIZE: Apple iPad 2

  • Guess how many Bookshare books will be read by the end of the contest!  The contestant who comes closest to the total number of downloaded books, without going over, will win a brand new iPad 2!  (The winner must download and read at least one Bookshare book this summer.)  Last year, hundreds and hundreds of books were downloaded and read.  How many books will there be this year???

ADDITIONAL PRIZES: 4 Read2Go iOS apps, 1 HumanWare Victor Reader Stream, 1 HumanWare ClassMate Reader and 6 SanDisk MP3 players!  

Bookshare judges will review all submissions and select winners based upon the following categories*:

  • Participants who download and read the most books this summer
  • Participants who had the most fun this summer (be creative in writing your submissions!)
  • Participants who read Bookshare books in the most interesting places
*Winners will be selected in each of the following grade sections: K-5, 6-8, 9-12, college

Ready to play?

select this button to enter the contest


  1. Hi Staff at bookshare,
    I am interested in winning an I pad.
    Please get me it as soon as possible!
    Take care!

    • Mario Oliveros

      Hi Corey!

      We’ll be giving away one iPad 2 and a number of other great prizes. Please sign up for the contest and good luck!

      Bookshare Staff

  2. Taylor

    I have a question about the contest. Under ‘How to Play’, “2.From June 1 to August 19, 2011, download and read as many Bookshare books as you can.”

    I have downloaded many books already that I have not yet read (I tend to download an entire series of books at once and read them without pausing to download the next book). Will the books that I have already downloaded count towards the total number of books read during the summer (only those that I read between June 1 and August 19, of course), provided that I fill out the Book Entry Form?

    • Mario Oliveros

      Hi Taylor!

      Thanks for your question. In order for books to count in the contest, you will need to download them again during the time period (June 1 to August 19, 2011). Bookshare judges will make sure that all winners have downloaded every book that they have submitted to make sure the contest is fair to everybody. Best of luck!


  3. volly nelson

    I hope to wen the contest

  4. Paloma

    Oh, I want an ipad so bad! It’s my dream and you will be an angel if you help me… :'(

  5. Johnny raat

    Thank you for giving me this chance to win a prize that can help me with college

  6. Michael Delehanty

    Hey bookshare,
    I just bought a trailer and the sun is always going to be out. So with bookshare books I can read them and I do not even have to look

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