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“Bookshare Everywhere” Summer Contest Update: Week 1

In just over a single week, over 270 Bookshare members have joined the “Bookshare Everywhere” Summer Contest, and the book entries are coming in fast!  The final book count will be revealed at the end of the summer so new contestants can have a chance to win the iPad 2 grand prize.

Image of beach with Bookshare Everywhere Summer Contest written in sand

Our members sure know how to have fun reading and are very creative.   Throughout the summer, Bookshare will provide a contest update and share some of the most creative book submissions.

It’s never too late to join the contest, and there are many ways to win.   If you would like to join, read about the contest details and sign up.   Now, let’s check out some great contest submissions!

Contest question: Where did you read the book for the contest?

“By the pool…”  What a great way to spend your summer, lounging by the pool with great books!

“On the couch, bathroom, kitchen and in my rocker….”   Wow, this contestant read the book all over the place!

“I was arrested this morning for excessive possession of books. Ironically, the police officers allowed me to read while I waited in the suspect room. … Just kidding!!! My mom works at the Fort Collins Police Department…”  Now that’s creative!

Contest Question:What book did you read and  how did the contest make your summer fun?

An Acceptable Time by Madeline L’Engle –  “This book made my summer fun, because it took me to a world of fantasy and time travel.  It is different from most books about time travel in that there is no time travel machine. It looks at it from a more scientific point of view which is actually more interesting.”  – 11th grade Bookshare member

Hank the Cowdog by John R Erickson –  “I love Hank. My favorite part was when Hank yelled at Rover, “Don’t you know it’s our job to bark at the mailman!” I love how and thinks he is “Head of Ranch Security. ” Thanks Bookshare!!!” – 6th grade Bookshare member.

Addy’s Surprise: A Christmas Story (The American Girls Collection) by Connie Porter –  “I am enjoying reading American Girl stories! I like that Addy realizes that sometimes we need to change our priorities. Instead of buying a special Christmas present for her mom, she want use her money to help get her sister, Esther, free to Philadlphia.” – 12th grade Bookshare member.

Tune in next week for another update of the “Bookshare Everywhere” Summer Contest!

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