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Assistive Technology Spotlight – Read2Go

We often get asked, “What works with Bookshare books?”  So on occasion, we’ll feature the latest and greatest assistive technologies that our members can use.

This week, we are pleased to feature Read2Go, our new accessible e-reader app for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

For quite some time, our members have been asking for an app that they could use with Bookshare books on these popular Apple devices.  We listened and are excited to say that Read2Go not only makes reading Bookshare books accessible on Apple products, but also super simple.

Read2Go allows you to find, download, and read Bookshare books all within the app.  There is no need to transfer files between devices, figure out where books were saved, or unzip them to begin reading.  Read2Go handles all of this for the reader in the background using some innovative developer tools built by the Bookshare team.

Want to see how it works?  Check out this short video of Read2Go in action.

In addition, to being easy-to-use, Read2Go has a number of features that make reading accessible

  • Listen to books being read
  • See and hear words as they are highlighted
  • Adjust reading speed, font size, and colors
  • Navigate with Apple’s VoiceOver accessibility
  • Sync with a Braille display via bluetooth and read in Braille, and more!

Here’s what one parent had to say about Read2Go and her child:

I am so grateful for Bookshare and Read2Go. My son is FINALLY able to enjoy reading. He uses my iPhone and can manage the text so he can read it while listening. Or when his eyes are fatigued he can just listen. This is invaluable to us!

To learn more or purchase Read2Go, visit the Apple App store.


  1. Carlos

    Is there a possibility that there will be an Android app coming soon?

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