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Celebrate National Dyslexia Awareness Month and Win Read2Go!

October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month, and Bookshare invites you to help spread the word.

Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability that results in people having difficulties with specific language skills, particularly reading.  You can learn more about dyslexia by visiting the International Dyslexia Association website.

Individuals with severe cases of dyslexia may find it very difficult or virtually impossible to read traditional print books. Bookshare makes printed text accessible to people with print disabilities like dyslexia, visual impairments, and physical disabilities by allowing them to listen to books with highly natural text-to-speech voices, read multi-modally (see and hear words read as they are highlighted), adjust reading speed, font size, colors and more. To learn about who qualifies for Bookshare, visit the Bookshare website.

Through October, you can help spread the word about dyslexia by informing others, and Bookshare wants to help by giving away 10 Read2Go accessible e-book reader apps!

Read2Go is an accessible e-book reader app for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that makes it easy for readers with print disabilities like severe dyslexia to read talking e-books from Bookshare.  Read2Go connects directly to Bookshare’s online collection of over 125,000 accessible e-books and allows students, schools, and Bookshare members to easily search, download, and read e-books, all in a single app.  Watch or listen to Read2Go in action here.

How do you enter the Read2Go giveaway?

Image of Read2Go app on an iPad with the Win Read2Go! brochure information.

Visit the Win Read2Go! Facebook page (contestants must have a Facebook account to participate).  Make sure to: 1) “Like” the page, 2) provide your name and email, and 3) share the page with other people who might benefit from accessible e-books from Bookshare and Read2Go.

Every time a friend likes the page and signs up, another giveaway entry will be submitted on your behalf.  So the more you share, the greater your chance at winning!

Prizes will be awarded to the Top 3 participants who share the page with the most people, and the remaining 7 prizes will be given to randomly selected winners.

The giveaway runs until Friday, October 14, 2011 at 5PM Pacific Time, so make sure to enter today!

Got ideas for other contests?

Bookshare is always considering and planning future events and contests.  If you have other ideas for other events on different platforms, please suggest them here!


  1. Madeline McDougal

    A great way for students with reading disabilities to accesss written text!

  2. This is a wonderful way to provide reading support to students and adults with difficulty accessing written text- consider donating to this great program.

  3. brandi

    I live in CHino california..where can i go to have my son tested for dyslexia…all the signs are there.

  4. brandi


  5. Thomas E. Carpenter, ALA

    Dyslexia has been a special part of my life. I’m aproching 70 in two months and if I have learned anything. It is that dyslezics are most creative, dynaminic and expressive people ever created. The medical profession apparently has no clear idea of what to do for dyslexics. Or how many ways it manifasts in the overall population. Now what are the plans for next October?

    • Mario Oliveros

      Thank you for sharing Thomas. We have not made plans for next October as of yet, but if you have suggestions, please do share!

      • Thomas E. Carpenter, ALA

        The nation does not know the extent of the population that secretly successes with dyslexia. Nor does it understand how much it needs the dyslexic population. We are easly 20 % and growing. We are not week or useless.

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