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Hot Books for Emerging Teen Readers

We are often asked about high-interest books for emerging readers in middle and upper grades. To make this category of books easy to find in Bookshare, we’ve organized the titles in a new Special Collection called “Hot Books for Emerging Teen Readers.”  To start, there are 327 books in the collection.

You can find the collection by clicking on Browse (in the tool bar at the top, near the right) and then clicking on Special Collections and clicking on “Hot Books for Emerging Teen Readers.”

There are lots of titles by Michele Martin Bossley, Becky Citra, Norah Mcclintock, Eric Walters and many other popular authors. You can search and sort by title and author if you are looking for a specific book or search by publisher.

If you are familiar with Orca Books, a well-known publisher of high-interest content, the Special Collection has many of their titles already, thanks to the efforts of volunteers who scanned them.

Going forward, Bookshare will have even more Orca Books content. The publisher recently signed an agreement with Bookshare giving us world rights to their award-winning and bestselling titles for kids and teens and reluctant readers. They have 500 backlist titles in EPUB and publish 65 books a year.

The list of books published includes: baby board books; hardcover, high-quality picture books; early chapter books in the Orca Echoes and Orca Young Readers series; novels for the reluctant reader in the Orca Currents, Orca Sports and Orca Soundings series; standalone juvenile fiction and teen novels; nonfiction; and short adult fiction and nonfiction with the Rapid Reads series under the Raven Books imprint.  A number of titles are also published in French and Spanish.

Orca Book Publishers was founded in 1982 and is based in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Please go ahead and browse the collection to find something of interest for your emerging teen readers and come back frequently to see what has been added. Also, please comment on this post and let us know if the collection works for you.


  1. I hope Nichole approaching the people from Orca at ALA in June played a small role in bringing them on board. We love their books and added several they donated this summer. Thanks to all our publishing partners that contribute so much to complement our volunteer efforts to grow Bookshare and help all readers find books they can love reading!

    • Betsy Burgess

      Nichole, thank you for approaching Orca Books and for contributing some of their books! I didn’t know. You are right, that publishing partners play a valuable role complementing our volunteers.

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