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Fun Summer Titles for Kids

Try these stories about games:

Gollywhopper Games – Twelve-year-old Gil Goodson competes against thousands of other children at extraordinary puzzles, stunts, and more in hopes of a fresh start for his family.

Goblins Don’t Play Video Games (Bailey School Kids #37)– Could the new computer teacher be the king goblin in Melody’s video game?


The Summer Olympics are next month. Get in the mood with these stories:

Buzz Beamer’s Radical Olympics – Buzz offers wacky suggestions for new summer Olympic sports

Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House #16)– No girls allowed at the ancient Olympics!  What will Jack and Annie do?


Justin Bieber’s Own Story

First Step 2 Forever: My Story. By Justin Bieber. “It’s a big, big world. It’s easy to get lost in it…” -Justin Bieber, “Up”. I love those lines in the lyrics. Sometimes I feel like that’s what everyone’s expecting.

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