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GoogleServe Volunteers Write Image Descriptions

On June 14, Google invited Bookshare to participate in their annual GoogleServe volunteerism week.  We were warmly welcomed by Googlers, Seth Marbin and Kat Pham-Ouyang, who set us up in a computer lab.

Two Google volunteers, Seth Marbin and Kat Pham-Ouyang, are pointing to an image of a turtle
Seth Marbin and Kat Pham-Ouyang

Before I had

read through the instructions, our highly astute group of volunteers had already registered on the Poet image description tool and delved into the guidelines.

Nineteen Google employees participated in the highly successful event (two remotely).  In just four hours, Google volunteers wrote over 1,200 descriptions for images in four different text books!  With the great success of this event, we plan to host many other crowd-sourcing events with other organizations in the future, including businesses, universities, schools and civic groups.  Image of the Google logo on a red background.

And special thanks to our local Bookshare volunteer, Donna Seneshen, for joining me and providing essential support for the event.

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