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Summer Crafts and Activities

Summertime is a great time to show off your creativity and try new things – especially when you can make them from old things!  Here are some books which might spark your imagination and get fun new projects rolling with your family.

What Can You Do With An Old Red Shoe? A Green Activity Book About Reuse by Anne Alter.   In this “green” craft book, children can appreciate that recycling is a part of everyday life, and with a little creativity, exciting projects are only a few steps away. Turn a worn flip-flop into an art stamp, a ripped shower curtain into an apron, and an old T-shirt into a pillow. (Grades 1-3)

Catch a Fish, Throw a Ball, Fly a Kite: 21 Timeless Skills Every Child Should Know (and Any Parent Can Teach!) by Jeffrey Lee and Philomena O’Neill.  For parents who want to teach their children what they really want to learn–even the skills you never mastered or haven’t practiced in a few decades. This book contains clear, simple, step-by-step instructions for teaching more than twenty little life skills that every child should know, including how to work a yo-yo, throw a Frisbee, skip a stone… (All ages)

All New Crafts for Earth Day by Kathy Ross and Sharon Lane Holm.  Presents over twenty simple craft projects for Earth Day that young children can make from everyday materials. (Grades 2-5)

Playing Together: 101 Terrific Games and Activities That Children Ages Three Through Nine Can Do Together by Wendy Smolen.  Getting siblings, cousins, or neighborhood children of different ages together becomes an easy task with this collection of outdoor and indoor games and arts and crafts projects adapted to satisfy the interests and skills of children of various ages simultaneously. (Pre-school to elementary)

Recyclopedia: Games, Science Equipment and Crafts from Recycled Materials by Robin Simons.  From the Children’s Museum of Boston, suggestions for games, crafts, and scientific equipment that can be made from recycled materials. (School-age kids)

The Really Useful Grandparent’s Book by Eleo Gordon and Tom Lacey.  You don’t need to be a grandparent to enjoy this collection of activities such as card tricks, treasure hunts, cooking great desserts, or just making your own adventures in your own neighborhood. (All ages)

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