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Planning a Trip with Bookshare

The communication below from Bookshare member Gayle Yarnall, recently retired from The Perkins School for the Blind, inspired a blog about planning a trip with Bookshare.

A year ago, almost exactly, we booked tickets for a retirement trip to Paris, and six months after that we booked an apartment through  Now it was up to me to plan the trip.  For me, one of the best things about planning a trip is reading all I can about where I am going.  You could read books about Paris, by Paris writers and about people who wrote about Paris for the rest of your life.  I don’t just read travel books but immerse myself in everything I can find.  Of course, Bookshare is one of the supporters of my reading lust and I discovered two wonderful new authors who will keep me going long after the trip. They are Diane Johnson and Emile Zola.  Kind of both ends of the reading spectrum but both great writers and very prolific.

How do you plan a trip with Bookshare? There are lots of good guidebooks to get you started. In a quick search, I found 49 Fodor’s Guides and 11 Lonely Planet Guides.

You can find travel books about particular destinations using Advanced Search. Enter your destination in the box for “Full Text Search” and in “Categories” at the bottom of the page, check the box “Travel.” The Travel category has 854 titles.

To search the entire library, refine full text searches with various punctuation marks. Use quotation marks around words if you want to find books with two or more words used together. A comma between search terms will search for all words in the list, for example, “South Africa”, travel will find books with both those terms in the title, author or text of the book. Try several combinations of terms in your search for different results.

Gayle, thank you for inspiring this post. Gayle is now writing her own blog at

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