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A Big Thanks to 400 Dedicated Mentor Teachers!

Four hundred teachers have now signed up to be Mentor Teachers in their local schools and districts. These teachers, because they help others learn how to use accessible educational materials and get accessible education content to students with print disabilities in a timely manner, are key to the long-term education of many students in this country. We thank them for their efforts and congratulate them on their dedication.

Depending on their schools, districts and schedules, Mentor Teachers have facilitated group and one-on-one trainings with teachers, parents and students on anything related to Bookshare.  Others have developed online training tools and video tutorials, conducted in-service professional development, and worked with school and district leadership to get Bookshare implemented. Many have participated in a listserv sharing ideas and information.

Mentor Teachers can be AT specialists, special education teachers, resource specialists, OTs, local education agency directors, librarians, media specialists, and school counselors.

Four hundred is a milestone, but it isn’t a limit. Other dedicated teachers wishing to become Mentors can still join the program. Please sign up!


  1. Monica Cortada

    Who can I contact at Bookshare to find out if someone in my district is a mentor teacher?

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