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There’s An Election Coming!

Learn more about democracy in action, or imagine what it would be like if you were running for office. (Maybe you are!)

Nikki and Deja: Election Madness (Grades 1-3) Deja’s certain she can win the election for third grade class president – with her best friend Nikki by her side!

Grace’s Letter to Lincoln (Grades 2-5) Grace has a great idea to help Abraham Lincoln get elected – he should grow a beard!

The Everything Kids’ Presidents Book (Grades 2-5) You’ll have hours of fun with this collection of facts, trivia, games and puzzles about presidents through history.

The Class Election From The Black Lagoon (Black Lagoon Adventures #3) (Grades 3-6) Everyone has to run for something in the school election – but Hubie would rather run for his life!

You Want Women To Vote, Lizzie Stanton? (Grades 3-6) A lively biography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a tireless campaigner for American women’s right to vote.

The Kid Who Ran for President (Grades 3-6) With his friend as campaign manager and his former babysitter as running mate, twelve-year-old Judson Moon sets out to become President of the United States.

Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts (Grades 4-6) This fascinating book will answer your questions about how Americans choose their president, as well as sharing great stories about different candidates and their surprising campaigns.

The Last Cow on the White House Lawn and Other Little-Known Facts about the Presidency (Grades 5-8) Funny, startling and amazing stories about families who have lived in the White House, from Washington to Carter.

I Am A Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President (Grades 7-9) Oliver’s overthrown foreign dictators, owns corporations and is well on his way to world domination – but can he win an election in middle school and make his dad proud?

Think you can do it better?  How To Build Your Own Country (Grades 3-6) guides you through the steps you’ll follow to create a new nation.  (Hmmm, it may be a bit trickier than you thought!)

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