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American Bar Association Titles in Bookshare

As Bookshare followers know, many publishers have relationships with us and submit files electronically. Recently, The American Bar Association (ABA) submitted a series of titles from the Legal Practice Management division that produces books to help lawyers in their work.

Today, Election Day 2012, seems like a fitting day to tell readers about these legal works. There are many titles of interest to law students and practicing lawyers on building a practice, using social media, using technology, and more. Below are links to ten:

iPad Apps In One Hour for Lawyers – Finding the best apps often can be an overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating process. “iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers” provides the “best of the best” apps that are essential for any law practice.

Women Rainmakers’ Best Marketing Tips: Third Edition – Success depends on innovative planning, but brainstorming for new ideas takes valuable time. In one quick read you can get dynamic, creative, and practical ideas that can work for you and your practice.

Virtual Law Practice: How to Deliver Legal Services Online – The legal market has recently experienced a dramatic shift as lawyers seek out alternative methods of practicing law and providing more affordable legal services.

Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier – Attorneys Elefant and Black provide a variety of ways for lawyers to take advantage of social media in their practice.

The Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Coaching: Leadership, Mentoring, and Effectiveness – Become more efficient and profitable in your law practice by employing a professional coach.

How to Build and Manage a Personal Injury Practice: Third Edition – This manual offers guidance on building and managing a personal injury practice. It highlights the tactics, technology and practical tools necessary for a profitable practice, including how to write a sound business plan, develop an accurate financial forecast, and minimize costs.

Microsoft OneNote In One Hour for Lawyers – Each copy of Microsoft® Office 2010 sold now includes OneNote, and its usage among lawyers is poised to skyrocket. With this guide, learn to use OneNote in your law practice to save time and increase productivity.

LinkedIn® In One Hour for Lawyers – Lawyers work in a world of networks, connections, referrals, and recommendations. For many lawyers, the success of these networks determines the success of their practice.

Limited Scope Legal Services: Unbundling and the Self-Help Client – By providing representation for a clearly defined portion of the client’s legal needs, such as preparing a legal document or making limited court appearances, lawyers can market their practice to an entirely new client base.

Cloud Computing for Lawyers – As more businesses move their IT systems into the cloud, lawyers need to ask if cloud computing is right for their firm.

You can find the rest of the ABA titles by using Advanced Search, and entering “American Bar Association” in the Publisher field, or clicking this link.

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