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Bookshare Supports Computer Science Education

This week is Computer Science in Education Week. Congress set the week aside in the fall of 2009 “to recognize the transformative role of computing and the need to bolster computer science at all educational levels.” You can read more about the week and gather educator resources at the CSedweek website; the Computer Science Teachers Association website also has resources.

Students with print disabilities can be computer scientists! Two Bookshare members with computer science degrees have shared their inspiring stories:

For members who want introductory technology books, Bookshare has a special collection called “Technology Resources for Beginners” with a number of titles about managing your computer, using Facebook, an introduction to HTML, XML, and CSS.  The category “Computers and the Internet” has 1,611 titles. You can find the category by selecting “Browse” in the title bar, “Categories,” and then “Computers and the Internet.”

In fact, Bookshare has thousands of books for aspiring computer scientists, computer science majors and engineers. A full text search (meaning the term would occur anywhere in the title or text of the book) for “computer science” revealed 7,076 books related to the topic.

A few example, useful and interesting titles are:

Peterson’s Graduate Programs in Engineering & Applied Sciences

Barron’s AP Computer Science

Computer Science Made Simple

The Robotics Primer

Java in a Nutshell

Computer Science: A Structured Programming Approach Using C

Information Technology For Counterterrorism: Immediate Actions And Future Possibilities

Using “Advanced Search,” you can search for a topic by the title of the book, the full text (title and complete text), or the synopsis. Join others this week who are working to improve computer science education in the U.S. and try a few searches. You might find a book for yourself or a student and you just might inspire a new computer science career.


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