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Do You Know These Bookshare Answers? #1

Greetings to all in 2013! This year, we are beginning a blog series with “Top Tips” to answer questions Bookshare Members commonly ask and provide suggestions that may help all Members become better users. Consider subscribing to this blog to get the tips in your email every week.

This week, our tips center on quickly and easily finding answers and our mobile apps.

Did you know, it can be quicker and easier to find an answer in the Support Portal on the Bookshare website than calling or emailing the support team? The portal has answers to many commonly asked questions. When you use the Support Portal, to get your answer most quickly select a section that you think might have the answer. Try it. Go to the Support Portal and search for the answer to this question. “Do I still need a download password?” Hint: search for “download password” in the “Passwords and Logging in” section.

Know anyone who got new devices or apps this holiday season? Browsing many of the answers that have already been posted will answer your questions before you have them and will help you become a power user! For example, with Read2Go, this solution describes how to download books. To browse all the answers for Read2Go, simply go to the Support Portal and select the section, “Read2Go.”

Did you know that if you have multiple iOS devices, you can install Read2Go on all of them as long as the device is associated with the iTunes account used to purchase the app? To install Read2Go in another device, please do the following:

  1. Access the App Store.
  2. Search for Read2Go.
  3. Select Install.

More details about installing Read2Go on multiple devices are found in the Support Portal. Search for “multiple devices” in the “Read2Go” section.

How about Go Read on an Android device? Getting books using Go Read is also easy. The steps are written in this solution.

Did you already know all these answers? Was there one that will be helpful or more than one? Which one? Any that you should share with someone else? More next week.


  1. Linda Kelly

    Using this blog for tips is a great idea! Thanks!

    • Betsy Burgess

      Thanks – glad it is helpful!

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