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Do You Know These Read2Go Answers? #2

Do you know how to get a book with images onto Read2Go on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch? Educators, do you know the two ways to get NIMAC* books for a qualified student onto a device? Do you know the proper way to download books and provide them to your students so they can begin reading? See if you know these answers:

Sponsors: Log in to Read2Go and download the book on behalf of the student following the steps in this solution (it’s like downloading any other book). But, please note that once the book is downloaded, you should log out so that the student does not have access to your account. Once downloaded, the book will remain on the device.

Or, the second way for students with their own iPads at home to get NIMAC books onto the device is by giving the student a USB drive/CD with the book zip file on it. On a computer, the student inserts the USB/CD, and then transfers the book to their device using iTunes following these steps.

Do you want to read a book with images, whether or not it is a NIMAC book, using Read2Go? The steps to get a book with images to Read2Go are the same as described above. You download a book on your computer, open your iTunes account, and “Add” the book. Follow the steps.

*The NIMAC is the National Instructional Materials Access Center. It’s a repository of textbooks for students with print disabilities in grades K-12. To be read, the books need to be converted to an accessible format. Only educators can download books in Bookshare that originally came from the NIMAC.


  1. Janice McGuire

    Are you going to be making Read2Go into a Google app so Bookshare books can be accessed on a Chromebook? Our school is moving 1:1 Chromebooks and this would be awesome.

    • Betsy Burgess

      We have Go Read for Android devices. Did you try it? I don’t know if it works on a Chromebook.

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