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Top Tips for the New Bookshare Web Reader and Bookshelf

Many members are already enjoying the benefits of the new Bookshelf and Bookshare Web Reader. As with anything new, we’ve received a few questions.

First-time users, you may want to start with our first-time users guides:

Top Tips for Bookshare Web Reader

  1. If you are sighted, use Google Chrome because it provides text-to-speech using your computer’s built-in voices and word-level highlighting. Note that when you select “Read Now” for the first time, you will be prompted to do a one-time installation of a Chrome extension.
  2. If you use a screen reader, use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox.  The screen reader will provide text-to-speech so you can listen to books.
  3. If you don’t see the “Read Now” link, you may not be using a compatible browser, or your book has not yet been processed to be used with Bookshare Web Reader. Please download the book and read with another reading tool.
  4. OR, if you don’t see the “Read Now” link, remember that Bookshare Web Reader is for individual members. If your students do not have individual membership, you can read about the process in this blog or view or listen to this video.
  5. The best place to submit a feature request to reach the product team is to make your suggestion in our User Forum.
  6. Right now, Bookshare Web Reader works with PC and Mac computer, not tablets, smartphones, or notetakers.

Top Tips for the Bookshelf

  1. Create Bookshelves by class, subject, student, genre, author, or however you like.
  2. You can store an unlimited number of books on a Bookshelf.
  3. Share your Bookshelf with students with individual memberships, and let them read independently with Bookshare Web Reader!
  4. Get your books faster on Read:OutLoud Bookshare edition. Create a Bookshelf and add books. Visit your Bookshelf within Read:OutLoud; download the DAISY Text or DAISY Text with images format. It will open right away!
  5. Put books on a Bookshelf instead of downloading! No more transferring books to flash drives or CDs.
  6. Also, the product team would like feature requests in the User Forum.

Watch the training videos:

Want more training? Sign up!

More questions, whose answers are in the Support Center:


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