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Web Reader Screen Shortcuts and Educator Tips

The Bookshare Web Reader  makes it easy to preview or read Bookshare books because you don’t need to download and unzip them. It’s a quick way to preview a book or read it in its entirety.

Below are some shortcuts.

  1. Do you use a screen reader? You can use your screen reader with Internet Explorer 9, Safari, or a recent version of Firefox to read with Bookshare Web Reader. To start, find a book, then select the “Read Now” link. Expect to hear an announcement saying that your book is being packaged. Once complete, Bookshare Web Reader will open, and the book will be presented as a web page as if you had opened its .XML file. To move beyond the legal notice, press enter on the “next” button on Web Reader’s toolbar at the top of the page. The “next” and “previous” buttons move among major book parts. Most books have front matter and body matter. If a book has rear matter, to reach it, just press the “Next” button again.
  2. For more shortcuts, browse this list of the keyboard shortcuts for Web Reader with different browsers.

Educators may be interested in these reasons to use Bookshelves.

  1. Do you wish for an easy way to get NIMAC books to students, rather than downloading, unzipping, and transferring? Create a Bookshelf for each student and put the books on the Bookshelf. Then give your students individual memberships. (Will link to info on how to do this.) At home, all they have to do is look at their bookshelf and click “Read Now.”
  2. Are your students Read:OutLoud users? Create Bookshelves for them. They’ll easily find their books while using Read:OutLoud.

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