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Reading Lists to Get Organized for Back-to-School

Image of a teacher and student in front of the computer with words "Back to School"

In our last blog post, we shared tips to help you find your school books. Today, we want to help you keep those books organized for back-to-school with a great new tool called Reading Lists.

What Are Reading Lists?

Reading Lists (formerly Bookshelves) are virtual lists that let school sponsors and student members save and organize titles that can be accessed anywhere with Internet.

How do Reading Lists help you?

Teachers can create a class Reading List, like fifth-grade American Literature, and save titles for the semester. Whenever a student needs a particular book, just go to your Reading List and it will be there waiting for you. No need to search or browse again!

  •  Students can create their own Reading Lists by subject, class, or interest and access them easily from multiple locations, including school, home, the library, or anywhere with Internet.
  •  Teachers can also create Reading Lists and share them with students who have individual memberships.  They can then access the lists on their own and download books independently, including NIMAC-sourced titles (if they qualify).

Here’s a Great Back-to-School Idea from Educator, Justin Kolbe. 

Justin Kolbe said, “Bookshare Reading Lists are super easy to set up!” Justin is making plans to get all of this year’s reading material organized in one place for students who qualify. This includes textbooks and novels. “This tool makes it easy for teachers to organize reading assignments for multiple students at once. It saves them a bunch of time!”

Like Mr. Kolbe, we encourage all Bookshare educators, students, and parents to try using the Reading Lists.  You can easily learn to do it with these two “Learn It Now” tutorials and links:

Remember to visit the Bookshare Support Center for additional Reading List information.  And check out the Bookshare YouTube channel for other great “Learn It Now” tutorials.

You’re on your way.  Good luck!

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