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Bookshare Web Reader Lets You READ NOW — it’s Fast and Easy!

Earlier in 2013, we launched the Bookshare Web Reader, a reading tool that lets individual Bookshare members read directly from their Internet browser without installing any reading software. Bookshare Web Reader makes it easy for our individual members to open and read books fast and easily—all you need is a computer with an Internet connection.

Students simply go to the Bookshare website on a compatible Internet browser, such as Google Chrome, find a title to read, select “Read Now,” and the book opens! Watch this video to see exactly how Bookshare Web Reader can open a book directly from an Internet browser and let you start reading right away!


Kevin Leong, a California sixth grader, started using the Bookshare Web Reader in his school library and classrooms. Kevin likes that he doesn’t have to download any software and can just open a Bookshare book directly in a web browser. “It’s simple to do,” says Kevin. “I’ve always been good at math and science, but now I’m good at reading and using technology. A couple of minutes on Bookshare and I’m ready to go!” This simplicity makes Bookshare Web Reader an ideal back-to-school tool for teachers and parents alike.

Here are three tips to get started with Bookshare Web Reader:

  1. Make sure your students have an individual membership. Bookshare Web Reader can only be used by members with their own individual accounts, not with organization memberships through their school.
  2. Read our Bookshare Web Reader First Time User Guide.
  3. If you want to use your computer’s built-in voices to read words aloud, make sure to use Google Chrome, or try another compatible browser.

Try Bookshare Web Reader today and help your students experience the “read now” wow factor! They’ll appreciate knowing about this quick and easy way to read Bookshare books directly on the web!

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