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Get Students a Bookshare Individual Membership at Home!

hdrimagerd4_parentThroughout October, parents and educators often meet to discuss how students are progressing through the school year. Parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, and other face-to-face opportunities are the perfect time to discuss how students can take reading and studying to the next level with Bookshare.  How?

Get qualified students access to Bookshare at home.

NY Educator Maria Arguren with Student, Dana working at a computer
Maria Aranguren, a NY educator working  with her student, Dana at a computer.

Most of our student members access Bookshare through their school account. This means that educators find and download books for students.

A fast growing number of students are also getting individual memberships. This allows them to discover books on their own, download independently, and develop a personal love for reading.

How can you help students be more independent?

Visit our October back-to-school guides, and sign your students up for Bookshare at home!

Still need to get started with Bookshare for back-to-school?

Visit our August guide to set up your Bookshare account and our September guide to get reading tools for class!

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