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November – A Time to Give Thanks!

Any day is a good day to honor people, and November is the time to celebrate families, sacrifices made and the human spirit.  So today, we give thanks for you! Our members, volunteers, teachers, sponsors, parents, disability advocates, Veterans, and everyone who works to make the world a better place.

Original artwork by Bookshare member Elina Hughes of her beloved grandparents.
Original artwork by Bookshare member Elina Hughes of her beloved grandparents.

There are many ways we can express gratitude, such as painting a picture of loved ones, praising your child for reading a book, honoring a Veteran, sharing a life experience, hugging a pet, or enjoying a movie that is closed-captioned and accessible.

Whatever holiday or tradition you celebrate this week, here’s to life’s special moments!  And with that, we give you a list of titles about Thanksgiving to delight our young members in grades K-12.


Thanksgiving Mice   (grades K-2)

Four young mice share the story of how their ancestors came to America with the Pilgrims.

Thanksgiving Rules  (grades 2-4)

Percy Gifford offers ten rules to make the most of this holiday—but do they all center around food?

Nickommoh: A Thanksgiving Celebration  (grades 2-4)

Native Americans on Narragansett have long celebrated the harvest with a joyous gathering.

If You Were at the First Thanksgiving (grades 2-5)

Over half of the Pilgrims were children. What would life be like if you were among them?

Thanksgiving Day Parade Mystery  (grades 3-5)

How could a whole marching band just…disappear?

Turkeys, Pilgrims and Indian Corn  (grades 4-6)

Learn more about how the Plymouth settlers lived, thought, worked, and celebrated through this lively examination of holiday symbols.

Smashed Potatoes and Other Thanksgiving Disasters (grades 4-6)

When Megan and Jeremy’s mom can’t make their traditional holiday meal, the kids figure it can’t be too difficult to do themselves.

 Thanksgiving Thief (grades 4-6)

Nancy Drew and her friends are hot on the trail of a no-good turkey snatcher!

Constance  (grades 6-8)

Experience the first years of the Plymouth colony through the eyes of a young woman discovering what paths her life will take in this new world.

A Great and Godly Adventure  (grades 9-12)

An entertaining peek behind the legends that surround our Thanksgiving traditions, looking at how the first year of the Plymouth settlement really unfolded.

Special thanks to our Bookshare Collections Department for always creating super fun reading lists!


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