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Bookshare Listed Among World’s 100 Most Inspiring Applications of Digital Technology for Social Innovation

This post is reposted from the Benetech Blog.

Logo of the Nominet TrustThe Nominet Trust, a United Kingdom leading social tech funder, included Bookshare, a Benetech Global Literacy initiative, on its list of 100 global ventures using digital technology to solve some of the world’s biggest social problems.

Through its innovative technologies, Bookshare is raising the floor for people with print disabilities (such as visual impairments, physical disabilities, or severe learning disabilities) by providing them with the world’s largest collection of accessible copyrighted content and reading tools. Bookshare currently has over 250,000 members and a collection of more than 220,000 titles, which are delivered as digital files and available for download any time, day or night, in a variety of accessible formats. “It’s a life-changing service” for those with visual impairments or other print disabilities, states the Bookshare listing on the Nominet Trust 100.

The recently announced Nominet Trust 100, or NT100, identifies ingenious uses of technology changing lives in areas ranging from poverty to human rights, education and healthcare. A steering group, led by innovation expert Charles Leadbeater, compiled the list. The Nominet Trust calls it “a dynamic public database of social tech innovations around the world that will accelerate the use of technology as a tool for social change.”

The NT100 will form the basis for a growing online resource for social enterprises called “The Social Tech Guide.” It is designed to celebrate the people who are using digital technology to change the world for the better and to inspire social entrepreneurs to follow in the footsteps of these leading social technology pioneers.

The NT100 can be found online at More information is available on the Nominet Trust’s website.


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