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Happy Holidays and to All Good Cheer!

colorful books stacked high with a red ribbon tied in a bow.
Colorful books stacked and tied with red ribbon.

Whether you’ve just celebrated Hanukkah or are getting ready for Christmas, Kwanzaa, or many other wonderful holiday traditions, we are sending much good cheer from our family to yours!

December is a great time to wrap up important events—like wrapping up a handmade gift or wrapping up with a cozy blanket to read a good book with a child or loved one.  Here at our offices, we’re wrapping up the year with more than 200,000 titles for our Members to enjoy!

We thank our Bookshare collections team for putting together this joyous list of winter holiday titles for all ages.

 Twelve Winter Holiday Books

Bear Stays Up For Christmas (grades PK-2) Who’d want to sleep when there’s so much Christmas magic going on?

The Story of Holly and Ivy (grades K-3) Holly and Ivy each want a home for Christmas—see if the little girl and the beautiful doll get their wishes.

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblin  (grades K-3) It will be a dismal Hanukkah for the villagers unless Hershel can outwit these unwanted visitors!

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (Junie B., First Grader (grades 1-4) Ho ho, oh no! Junie picks tattletale May’s name in the class Secret Santa drawing.

Hanukcats (grades 2-5) You can bet your blintzes that when it comes to the Jewish holidays, cats have just a few things in mind: treats, toys, and mischief.

Kwanzaa (grades 3-5) Learn about the African roots of this wonderful tradition.

On Christmas Eve (grades 3-5) Tess really wants to meet Santa this year because she wants to ask him for something special—a gift that isn’t for herself.

When Santa Fell to Earth (grades 4-7) Twinklestar the reindeer lands Santa in a heap of trouble when they make a bumpy and unplanned landing.

Moominland Midwinter (grades 4-7) Who covered up all Moomintroll’s favorite places with this wet, cold, white stuff? Off he goes to find out!

Winter of the Candy Canes (grades 9-12) Candace is working as an elf at the theme park this holiday season—but sometimes it’s hard to keep things merry and bright.

Isaac Asimov’s Christmas (grades 9-12) Ten thought-provoking stories that ask the question “What does Christmas Future look like?”

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