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Homework Assignment: “Give Every Student What They Need for Success!”

Ms. Eagles in her Resource Classroom Room
Ms. Eagles in her Resource Classroom

Eighth grade students in Kristie Eagles’s Resource Room at Central Middle Schools in Michigan have social studies homework almost every night. These reading assignments typically cover two or three sections in a K–12 textbook to prepare for Q&A class discussions.

Ms. Eagles notes that, at this grade level, reading assignments for students can be challenging, especially for those with learning disabilities. Giving students what they need for learning success is this educator’s motto!

Classroom Poster: ‘Fair Isn’t Everybody Getting the Same Thing, Fair Is Everybody Getting What They Need to be Successful.’
Classroom Poster: ‘Fair Isn’t Everybody Getting the Same Thing, Fair Is Everybody Getting What They Need to be Successful.’

Ms. Eagles is a Bookshare Mentor Teacher and keeps a poster on her wall that says…Fair isn’t everybody getting the same thing…Fair is everybody getting what they need to be successful.”

This is to remind herself, her students and other teachers that there are a lot of cool resources for learning, including computers, iPads, and Bookshare.

She says, “I like portable devices for anytime, anywhere reading and Bookshare is one resource to help me provide accessible books to support students with print disabilities. Individual memberships are the way to go!”

Bookshare Individual Memberships

To ensure that students with print disabilities who qualify get accessible reading materials and the technologies to read digital books, Ms. Eagles uses the online library to provide timely access to textbooks, novels, and periodicals in accessible formats.

“With limited time, it’s great to see my students click a button to download a book and start reading,” she says. “I like to encourage them to sign up for Individual Memberships.  That way, they have more opportunities to become independent readers. To pull out a cell phone or tablet, download an accessible book, and read it anywhere there’s Internet is a beautiful experience. You put the power in their hands and learning success becomes fair, achievable, and within reach.”

It’s Easy to Get Students Bookshare Individual Memberships from Your Organizational Membership Account!  Watch this “Learn It Now” Video Tutorial now!

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to get students an individual Bookshare membership and quickly link them through an Organizational account.

About the Bookshare Mentor Teacher Program

The Bookshare Mentor Teacher program began in 2010 to support the nation’s top teachers and assistive technologists with training tools to engage educators, parents, and students in the effective use of Bookshare’s online library and reading technologies.  Since that time, over 500 educators and specialists have joined the network. They work in their local communities and schools to advocate on behalf of students with print disabilities.  They also develop and share best practices across the United States.

The Bookshare team sends a special thanks to Ms. Eagles for sharing her best practice.

people holding hands with the text "stay connected"Remember to stay connected to Bookshare through all the right channels to get the latest news, member stories, online training events, contests, and more!

P.S. Please also read, “Educators, Get Your Students Access to Bookshare at Home Easily through Your School Account”  to learn about all the benefits for students, especially reading independence.

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