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The Summer of Sleuths Contest Is Live. Enter Today!

It’s time to solve some clues!

The Summer of Sleuths reading contest for U.S. Individual Members has officially launched! Put on your favorite detective cap, pull out your magnifying glass, and get ready to inspect some great detective books in Bookshare. logo for Summer of Sleuths Reading Contest

Through Friday, August 1st, contestants will download, read, and solve clues within great detective books from Bookshare. For every clue you answer correctly, you will be entered into a drawing for awesome prizes like detective gadgets, gift cards and free year-long Bookshare memberships! (Read our initial contest announcement to learn more about the contest).

Important Tips for Summer Sleuths

How can you make sure you have a fun and successful summer contest? Follow these tips!

  1. Make sure your Individual Membership is up-to-date. Sign up or renew today!
  2. Download the contest books for your contest level. Better yet, add them to a Reading List!
  3. Preview the contest clues, read the books, and find the answers.
  4. Submit your contest entries (you can submit entries all at once or start and save entries for later).
  5. Sign up for the notification list to get update and tips throughout the summer.

Most importantly, have fun!

Spread the Word!

Tell us what books you’re reading for the summer contest on Facebook and Twitter (make sure to use hashtag #SummerOfSleuths). You can also check out our Bookshare on Pinterest and share with other people with print disabilities and detective story enthusiasts!

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