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NEW! Bookshare Parent Ambassador Program

Image of Lisa Wadors
Lisa Wadors, Manager of Bookshare’s Parent Outreach Program

A post by Lisa Wadors Verne, PhD, Manager of Bookshare’s Parent Outreach Program.

Over the years, we’ve met many amazing parents who advocate on behalf of their children for accessible books, reading technologies, and educational resources like Bookshare. As a result, we’ve published some great stories about dedicated moms and super dads who have performed heroic acts to ensure their children get equal access to learning.

We know that there are many more parents doing similarly amazing things for children with print disabilities every day. They may tell other parents about how their child uses Bookshare at home, advocate at their child’s school to get free and helpful resources like Bookshare, and even train other parents or teachers at school or at conferences around the country. To support these parents, we’ve launched our first Bookshare Parent Ambassador Program.

a large group of individuals of all ages
Join Bookshare’s New Parent Ambassador Program!

The goal of this program is to bring together parents and caregivers to share information and best practices for using Bookshare and reading technologies with their children. The program will help parents collaborate with school administrators to get Bookshare access at school and support families who are new to Bookshare who want to sign up for Individual Membership.

The Parent Ambassador Program is modeled after the Bookshare Mentor Teachers program, which has over 600 mentors around the country. This growing network of educators and specialists talk with and train other teachers in schools. They work one on one with students and visit neighboring schools to guide them through signing up their school or district to become an Organizational Member of Bookshare.

You can make a positive difference in the lives of children with print disabilities byjoining our new Parent Ambassador Program now! We promise to value your time and make your commitment as rewarding as possible.

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