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Get Inspired for Back-to-School!

Student reading on a laptop with both hands raised in the air in excitement with the tagline "Inspire Independent Reading"

Reading is the key to inspiration, and you can start the new school year off on the right foot by making sure you have the books you need for  class. Whether you are new to Bookshare or have been using it for years, follow these easy steps to get ready for Back-to-School!

  1. Update your account: Log in to Bookshare  or sign up online! (Trouble logging in? Reset your password.)
  2. Find books
  3. Save and organize your books
    • Add books to Reading Lists to make them easier to access.
    • Teachers, share Reading Lists with students with Individual Memberships so they can access books independently.


  1. Thanks for all you do, Bookshare! Our Clinic’s staff and consumers have enjoyed you for many years!

    • Bookshare Team Member

      Hi Nira! Thank you so much for your kind words and public support.

  2. Kimberly Beck

    I am the Special Education Director at Renaissance Academy. I have a BookShare account but, to be honest!!! Have no idea how it works, i.e.. putting books on IPads, access for students at their homes, etc. I could use some HELP!!! Is there training available? Or can I have someone call and walk me through the process? I am a bit tech illiterate 🙂
    Thank you,
    Kimberly Beck

    • Bookshare Team Member

      Ms. Beck (Kimberly)…thank you for reaching out to us. A Bookshare educational manager will contact you directly via email to walk you through the process. Welcome to the library!

  3. Kathryn Gossard

    Good luck. I pass my nursing board in 2008 with help… . my text was read to me, at test time it was also read . In in touch with the state nursing and they will provided additional help to take the Nursing Board. I am a school nurse add I love it. Thanks

    • Bookshare Team Member

      Hi Kathryn! What an inspiring experience you’ve shared with our Bookshare readers. Thank you and best of everything to you as well.

  4. Alana MacDonald

    I just read Bookshare’s response to Kimberly Beck’s comment a couple of days ago, and wonder if you could have an educational manager contact me also. I, too, am technologically illiterate but know that my special ed students would benefit tremendously from Bookshare. Please help!

    Thanks! : )

    • Bookshare Team Member

      Alana: We have communicated your request to a Bookshare team member. Stay tuned for an email to make a connection. Thanks!

  5. Maureen Creed

    I am a special education teacher interested in accessing Bookshare books for students. I am having trouble navigating your system to create lists, accounts, etc. Is there a website for help with specific issues?

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