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Updated Bookshare Web Reader Now Lets You Read on Safari!

Bookshare Web Reader, the popular and free reading tool, can now be used on current versions of the Safari browser for Mac!

Screen capture of Bookshare Web Reader reading Romeo and Juliet from an Internet Browser.

With this newest update to Bookshare Web Reader, Mac users can use Safari to find, open, and read Bookshare books directly within the browser. In addition, they can also listen to words read aloud and follow along with synchronized word highlighting. This full set of reading features was previously only available only on Google Chrome.

This is a particularly great update because in addition to using the Safari browser, Mac users can take advantage of high-quality voices available in Mac OS X!

What other improvements were included in this update?

  • Access to full reading features on Safari.
  • On current versions of Google Chrome, simply find a book and select “Read Now.” You no longer need to install the Chrome extension the first time you use it.
  • Select voice preferences on Safari and Chrome.

Note that Bookshare Web Reader can still be used with screen readers on other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. Learn more about compatible browsers. In addition, Bookshare Web Reader is not yet fully supported on mobile devices, but you can learn about other compatible mobile reading tools.

Visit Bookshare today and try reading a book with Bookshare Web Reader on Safari or Chrome!



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