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Bookshare and Benetech Take Center Stage at LDA 2015!


LDA logo for the 2015 Conference. A photo of the city of Chicago with hotels and and the water line

We are very excited about the upcoming Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) 2015 Conference in Chicago. Why?

Because we get to meet you, our members and supporters! Make sure that you attend these must-see events:

We look forward to seeing you at LDA 2015!


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  1. I really would like to see our ESL deaf and hard of hearing students benefit from a service as nice as this one. Our students often do not read on level, struggle with undiagnosed learning disabilities (In Wisconsin you can’t be labeled with more than one disability so deaf is primary) that excludes all deaf learning disabled kids from receiving these services, and generally have trouble with print materials. For educational purposes I wish that deafness was considering a physical disability that qualified for these services. For every book we wish to put into ASL we have to write an individual letter for copyright permissions which takes months or years by the time we get permission, digitize the story, translate the material, film and upload it. If the material were already digitized and uploaded for us to use legally it would cut our time by 2/3. I can’t understand why it has to be so cumbersome for one group when the other groups are getting legal aid. What are publishers afraid a deaf person will do with these materials? How much money could possibly be lost with a few deaf kids reading more books? It baffles me.

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