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Oh, The Places You’ll Go With Bookshare!

Book cover of Oh the places you'll go by Dr. Seuss“Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed. (98 and 34% guaranteed!)” – Dr. Seuss

This positive message is one of the best known lines from the Dr. Seuss classic, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” This uplifting book is an all-time favorite of both children and adults and is the featured title for this year’s Read Across America Day.

We celebrate this national event by encouraging all Bookshare members and book lovers everywhere to read this wonderful story.

Read it yourself. Read it with a friend. Read it with your child. Read it to the end. The story reminds us of life’s challenges during times of transition and provides helpful affirmations to help us move forward. Bookshare members often make positive changes and successful transitions. Here are some of their stories!

Mrs. Lola Alvarez with her son, Jose.

Jose Looks Forward to Middle School

Nine-year-old, Jose, struggled to read basic books in kindergarten. He was frustrated and sad. In second grade, Jose was diagnosed with dyslexia. A therapist gave him an accessible ebook from Bookshare that he read on the family iPad. His mom, Lola, says, “Jose is ten times happier! He is a different child and learner. He is better equipped to perform well on reading tests. We believe that he will make a much easier transition to middle school where reading assignments become even more challenging.”

When we think of transition, we often think of high school, college or work, but what about transitioning from elementary to middle school and onto high school? How can we help students with print disabilities succeed through all their transitions?


Susanna Felts, Librarian for Corpus Christie, TX with students.

Ms. Felts Recommends Starting Early

Early intervention can help students transition successfully. When asked at what age students should start with resources like Bookshare, Susanna Felts, an elementary school librarian in Corpus Christi, TX says, as early as possible.

“By third grade, if students are struggling, we must initiate a process to assess their needs and accommodate their reading ability,” says Ms. Felts. “Starting the process early helps more students keep pace before they fall behind. We don’t want to wait until students are in fifth grade or older to make that determination.”

Emily reading on her iPad.

Emily Demonstrates Transition Success

What does transition success look like? Meet Emily!

She has juvenile macular degeneration and has used technology and Bookshare to help her make successful transitions throughout her life. Emily became an A+ student early on, and when she transitioned to high school, she took many advanced placement classes. Emily is also tech savvy and reads accessible ebooks on all types of reading devices. With her great courage, wonderful teachers, and resources like Bookshare, she is well on her way to make successful transitions to college, career and beyond.

Tell Us About The Places You Will Go!

Thanks for making the Read Across America a successful national event. Let’s keep the discussion going. Tell us why you think accessible books will ease your transition and learning success.

Oh…and happy birthday to Dr. Seuss!

P.S. Next month we’ll talk about the benefits of digital accessible books and technologies to transition more easily to high school, college and careers. Visit to learn more and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.


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