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Turn It Up & Tell the World Reading Challenge

Member holding a megaphone and sharing the types of books he likes

Are you ready to turn it up?

Get ready to have a blast with the Bookshare reading challenge! This summer, we invite you to Turn It Up and Tell the World what to read.

Who knows what’s cool better than you? No one – that’s why we want you to read and share your favorite summer books. You’ll help other members discover awesome new titles, and you’ll get tons of thanks and kudos from the Bookshare community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the Bookshare website!

How Does It Work?

  1. Read – find cool titles on Bookshare and read them
  2. Share – using Facebook, Twitter and the Bookshare website, share what’s cool about the books you read
  3. Get Thanks and Kudos – get recognized by the community, join discussions on Facebook and Twitter, and have your books featured on Bookshare

That’s it!

Your favorite books will become popular, and you’ll get the kudos you deserve!

Get Ready

The Turn It Up and Tell the World reading challenge starts on June 22nd. Make sure you’re ready by following these steps:

Don’t miss this challenge! Make sure you get all the important news and updates. Good luck!

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