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Send Students into Summer with Bookshare Web Reader

By Bookshare Training and Support team

Summer is right around the corner! Before the final bell rings, empower your students to read Boy reading on a tablet sitting on the grassindependently with Bookshare Web Reader and encourage them to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge that starts on June 22.

As we recently announced, Bookshare Web Reader is now available to students with organizational memberships. Giving access to students is easy – just follow these four steps:

  1. Add Members to your roster.
  2. Set a username and password for your member(s).
  3. Create a reading list and share it with the member(s).
  4. Add a book to the reading list.

Now students can access their books anywhere they have an Internet connection and a compatible web browser. They simply log in with their username and password and select “Read Now” for any book in a Reading List or History.

Please note:

  • Students can only read books that have been shared with them via a Reading List or from their History in Bookshare Web Reader.
  • This feature enables students to read books using Bookshare Web Reader. It does not allow them to read independently on mobile or other assistive technology devices.

Teachers also have the option of giving students individual memberships, which allows them to find and access books on their own and read on the reading tool of their choice.

With your help your students can enjoy a summer filled with reading! And don’t forget to request next year’s books now so they are available for your students in the fall.

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