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Get in the Back-to-School Groove with Bookshare

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Summer is winding down, and a new school year is around the corner. How can we make sure students with visual, physical, and learning disabilities are set up to have their best academic year yet? Get their books in accessible formats and the best tools around from Bookshare for free!

Since last back-to-school, the Bookshare team has been busy adding more and more books to our library. Our collection is bigger than ever with over 350,000 titles in formats like audio, braille, and large print that are accessible to people who cannot read traditional print. These titles include textbooks, Common Core, and other educational books students need for class. And if we don’t have a particular book, members can request it.

Our tools are better as well. Students and schools can sign up easily and use improved self-service features to add new students and update accounts. Finding books is easier with improved search and browse features. And students on school accounts can now access Bookshare with their own logins and read assigned books at school and home.

Melissa Hawkins, a Baltimore middle school special education teacher, recommends reading with Bookshare Web Reader, a free and easy-to-use reading tool that lets students read directly from an Internet browser. Or try one of the many compatible reading tools for computers, tablets, smartphones, assistive technology devices and more.

Ready to Set Students Up for Success?

Theresa Brousseau, a teacher of the visually-impaired and a Bookshare Mentor Teacher says, “Thanks to Bookshare, I feel good that I’m able to help more students with print disabilities achieve their goals, make progress and be successful. Bookshare provides access to both the digital formats and the reading technologies they need to keep pace. Students are more engaged in learning, and there are no more excuses about not having appropriate materials to do class assignments or homework.”

Set up your students for success by visiting Bookshare’s back-to-school resource page. You’ll find tips, tutorials, and training that will help you get ready with the books and tools you need. We’ll be updating this page throughout the school year, so be sure to check back regularly and share with other teachers, parents, and students.

In the coming weeks, look for a series of back-to-school blogs tailored to your needs, whether you are just starting out with Bookshare and need the basics, or you are ready for advanced features to take your Bookshare use to the next level.

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